CSU Lately: April 5, 2013

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Apr 052013

Author: Melanie Rose


CSU Lately is the entertainment show for CTV. In this episode, Melanie Rose and Christian Zamora fill you in on all the exciting things you can do fin Fort Collins this weekend. You can start the weekend with a spectacular musical brought to you by the University Center of the Arts, called the Merry Widow. This is a great show to see for all of you opera lovers. It is showing this Friday and Saturday and it is a great event to take a date too. Then, on Saturday, Harry Chum Jr. from the hit TV show Glee will be at the LSC to talk about Asian stereotypes in the media. Then finally at 2pm on Saturday, there will be a Dance Concert held at the UCA, which is a great opportunity for everyone to come see what these dancers have been working so hard for all semester.
Meanwhile, Melanie and Christian will introduce new entertainment segments such as “Celebrity Countdown” which will update you with the latest news on troubled childhood stars. Then a relaxing episode of Unwound that our reporter Sarah Prinz made. Next will be an episode of “Drink of the Week” which will inform you on a specialty drink made by the Mayor. Also, Christian will fill you in on all the celebrity gossip you need to know in “Ram Entertainment”. Then finally, they will show you a new segment called “I just don’t get it!” where Sophie explains things that she just doesn’t understand!