CSU showcases student achievement

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May 022013

Author: Kelsey Peterson


The Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity showcase crowded the Lory Student Center Theatre at Colorado State University May 30. All CSU undergraduate students are encouraged to submit research or creative works that are then featured at the showcase and judged by three different judges. Students showed off their achievements and winners were awarded from the various events. For more information visit http://curc.colostate.edu/.

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How CSU students vote for judges and justices on the ballot

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Nov 052012

Author: Kelsey Peterson



When looking at the ballot and seeing names unattached to a political party, it’s hard to know what to do. These names are those of judges and justices already in office. The ballot gives an option to mark yes or no. This is to say whether or not you want that person retained in office. When voting it is important to know that qualified judges are those who help to keep our courts impartial and fair. To be retained, a judge must receive at least 60 percent of the vote. Some people just vote all yes. Some do a little research. Some don’t vote at all. Two CSU students used their own method.

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Students Prepare for Alternative Spring Breaks

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Oct 172012

Author: Tom Mullen


The CSU Alternative Breaks program allows students the chance to travel nationally and internationally to perform service projects while learning about  the social issues affecting the area.

Students can choose from fourteen different locations this year. The deadline for applications is Tuesday October 23. Students are encouraged to participate for a unique and rewarding experience.


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Fort Collins Candy Shops Slideshow

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Oct 122012

Author: Khristian Gilham

“Mommy, mommy, I want some candy!” The days are over that you have to ask for that succulent treat you are dying for. Fort Collins Candy Bar and Rocket Fizz are the two new candy shops in town your tastebuds can quiver over. So, take a break from your diet and feast your eyes on these delicious shops.

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Ways CSU students living off-campus commute

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Sep 052012

Author: Kelsey Peterson



Students at Colorado State University who live off-campus have several ways to get to class. Biking, walking, driving and taking the bus are only a few of the many modes of transportation students use. When biking, it is sometimes difficult to find a place to lock up, but it’s especially handy if classes are farther apart. It is also a convenience to not have to wait. Taking the bus exerts less energy and is far more practical for ladies who wish to wear a dress or heels. Walking provides good down time and exercise, but can be tedious. Cars are great if you can afford a parking permit, until you get to campus and all the lots are full. So what is the best way to commute to campus? That’s for you to decide.