How CSU students can eat healthy on a budget

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Apr 172013

Author: Makenzie O’Keefe


Most college students have a small budget and the last thing they want to spend their money on is groceries. But who knew it is actually very simple to eat healthy on a budget if you’re willing to prepare it? The Kendall Anderson Nutrition Center at Colorado State University can help educate students that eating healthy is obtainable even as a poor college student.

Their list to eat healthy for cheaper started with the idea to cut meat out of your diet when possible, choosing eggs or tofu as cheaper protein substitutes. A fun idea to accomplish this is eating breakfast for dinner. The Nutrition Center also suggested purchasing in bulk, cooking and baking your own snacks and treats to avoid chemicals and processed foods, making unique but cheap sandwiches, and purchasing fruits and vegetables that aren’t already precut and packaged.

Most students are unaware of how to eat healthy with limited budgets, drawing them to Ramen Noodles and other processed foods. Eating healthy is essential to our performance and future, so students should educate themselves about the option to eat healthy on a budget. The more you are willing to prepare and search in the grocery store, the healthier options you will find at a cheaper price.

CSU Recreation Center ranked one of the top in the nation

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Apr 032013

Author: Makenzie O’Keefe


Colorado State University’s Campus Recreation Center has been ranked as one of the top 25 in the nation. The Recreation Center, newly renovated, exceeded many aspects of the criteria making it one of the best in the nation. Sustainability was an important focus here at CSU. The Recreation Center was also recognized for it’s use of natural wood and stone, a large indoor pool and the chance to work out while looking at the Rocky Mountains through large glass windows.

The 2012 Colorado Health Report Card recently gave the state B’s for adolescent and adult health. With a recreation center providing healthy options and being one of the best in the nation,CSU students can help to maintain Colorado’s healthy lifestyle. Our campus recreation center provides numerous ways for students to work out and be healthy, such as four exercise studios, a 24,000 square foot cardio weight area and much more. Other institutions listed by the “Best College Reviews” included Pepperdine University and Ohio State University.

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Colorado obesity predicted to be near 50 percent in 2030

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Sep 202012

Author: Sophie Vukovich

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Colorado prides itself on being the thinnest state, however recent fear says that obesity is rising quickly. Across the nation, there are currently 78 million obese adults and 12.5 million obese children. The Los Angeles Times suggests ways to motivate weight loss. Here in Colorado, currently 20 percent of the state is obese. However it is predicted that up to 45 percent are going to be obese by 2030. Not only that but they say that half of the population of 39 out of the 50 states will be obese.

Obesity is defined as a medical condition, and can have many negative side effects. If almost half of Colorado’s population is struggling with a medical condition, it could do a lot of collateral damage economically as well.

It’s important that we start battling this; the fight agains obesity starts now. Parents can start preventing childhood obesity along with healthier eating habits and exercising themselves.

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