GG Boutique: Where clothes create family

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Mar 312013

Author: Kendall Greenwood

GG Boutique

GG Boutique is located at 204 West Laurel. Photo by Logan Martinez

Walking into GG Boutique you will be greeted by a plethora of colorful designs. The staff will be friendly and you will get honest opinions about what you are trying on. GG Boutique goes beyond a store mentality by making you feel welcome.

GG Boutique, a women’s clothing store in Fort Collins, opened its doors on Aug. 23, 2012 by owner Laura Ludwin, 37, with the goal of offering customers more than clothes. Ludwin wants store-goers to have an experience.

“I want to offer our customers an experience where they walk in and find [GG Boutique] to be a happy place,” Ludwin said. “[I want them] to find something that makes them feel good without having to spend all the money they have.”

One way GG Boutique achieves this is with the items they stock.

“What you see when you open a magazine is what we aim to have here at an affordable price,” Ludwin said.

New items are on the floor every day. This is what sales associate Julia Chenoweth, 41, enjoys most about the store.

“I think that always makes it fun and fresh, not only for the customers, but for [the staff] as well,” Chenoweth said.

Emily Davies, a 20-year-old CSU sophomore, shops at GG Boutique because she knows she will find unique items.

“If you go in once a week, there is [always] something different,” Davies said. “And, [even though] I know a lot of people shop there from CSU, there is a good chance no one else will have what you [buy].”

The atmosphere created by the staff also makes this store different. For one, the employees refer to themselves as “Team GG.” They have created a family, which Chenoweth embodies when helping customers.

“We try to get a feel for what it is they are looking for and what their style might be,” Chenoweth said. “[So we will] be able to suggest things in the store they might like.”

Davies has seen this herself.

GG Boutique Dress

GG Boutique has a selection of dresses and other contemporary womens’ fashion. Photo By Logan Martinez

“It’s not one of those retail stores where it’s like, ‘Hey do you need help, hey can I help you with that, you should really buy that,’” Davies said. “They’re like, ‘yeah that looks good on you.’ It’s not pushy at all.”

GG Boutique started with the family in mind. Ludwin named the shop after her grandmother.

“I was extremely close with her,” Ludwin said. “I [even] have her chandelier and dress in the store.”

GG Boutique stays connected to their customers with their Facebook page, where they hold giveaways every Monday, so customers can win gift cards, and post new looks.

Davies tries to go to GG Boutique every other week.

“I always get compliments on the stuff that I buy there,” Davies said. “It is a little pricey because it’s a boutique, but [the clothes] are really good quality. [The items] will last me a long time.”

The shop is located at 204 West Laurel St.

Ludwin said she enjoys being able to sell colorful outfits to all generations.

“They can all find something here,” Chenoweth said.

Too School for Cool: Wash-out your Facebook

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Feb 262013

Author: Allison LeCain

As a graduating senior, I’ve been applying for a plethora of jobs lately. This generally requires sending someone a cover letter, resume and writing clips. Sadly I know that the investigation process probably doesn’t end there.

According to a 2012 survey by CareerBuilder, 37 percent of companies investigate potential employees using social media. More than 65 percent of these companies will look through Facebook profiles, which is why I think the new app, Facewash, is going to be a great resource for anyone trying to find employment.

Facewash is an app created by Camden Fullmer, Daniel Gur and David Steinberg. The idea of the app is to get rid of any content on your profile that you might not want a future employer to see. It is possible to simply clean out a profile manually by going through your timeline and deleting inappropriate statuses and photos, but Facewash handles this process for you.

Profile shown on Thefacebook in 2005

Profile shown on Thefacebook in 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yahoo! Finance explained in an article about the new app that Facewash flags swear words and sexual and racist language that appears in statuses, comments, likes, and links on your page. Currently the app will only flag a photo as inappropriate if the tags or comments for the photo imply it as such. For example, if there is a photo of you chugging beer at a party and the caption says “getting wasted on a Tuesday”, then Facewash will flag it. However, if there are not comments, a photo like this won’t get flagged. Never fear though, because Facewash is stilling under development and soon will be able to flag photos with red cups and beer bottles.

Using Facewash can help your profile to be ready for employer approval. Currently the app is free to use, so why not try it? In general I’ve tried to keep my Facebook very professional during my college years, but sometimes things slip in. Facewash is like hiring a little assistant to clean up your mistakes.

Too School for Cool: Surviving winter break

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Dec 092012

Author: Allison LeCain

In the past few weeks there has been nothing I’ve wanted more than for winter break to come sooner. Now that it is merely a week away, I can be sure that it will be worth getting through the dreaded finals week to have a month of relaxation at my fingertips.

But what happens when relaxation turns to boredom? It’s inevitable that many students may find that they don’t know what to do with their free time, as we are not used to having any. Also, your hometown may be missing the hustle and bustle that you’ve grown accustom to in this college town.

As always, I am here to offer many a solution to you with this list of 50 things to do when you’re bored over break.

  • Have a backwards day, as in wake up and eat dessert, then dinner, see a movie, have lunch, take a shower, then eat breakfast
  • Go ‘window shopping’ at one of the most expensive stores in town. Dress up before hand to make it look like you belong there
  • Try to climb through your entire house without touching the floor, i.e. jumping from furniture to furniture
  • Stalk people on Google Earth
  • Build a fort , eat mac n’ cheese and watch an old Disney movie inside
  • Read a book in a language you barely speak
  • Make noodle art, but not in the traditional way – when noodles are cooked properly they will stick to the wall, so cook some noodles and throw them all on the wall in an artistic manner
  • Play humans vs. zombies, but don’t tell the neighbors why you just shot them with a Nerf gun
  • Have someone lock all the windows and doors and attempt to break-in to your own home
  • Learn how to moonwalk
  • Buy some moonboots (Yes, their back!!!)
  • Make up crazy stories to put as your Facebook status and wait for hilarious comments to appear
  • Try to make an object explode with mind power
  • Buy an unusual pet, like a hedgehog or a tiger
  • Check out Craigslist’s missed connections
  • Create your own TV series and post a video on YouTube each week
  • Time  how long you can hold a note
  • Time how long you can hold your breath
  • Try not to think about penguins – this gets tricky because in trying to not think about them you will inevitably be thinking about them
  • Be a pirate for a day
  • Perfect your Wookie noise
  • Make a smoothie out of everything in your fridge and try to sell it at your neighbor kid’s lemonade/hot cocoa stand
  • Try to run as fast as cars
  • Talk in a made-up accent all day and try to meet new people
  • Make a secret hide-out in your attic
  • Prepare for zombie invasion
  • Make prank calls
  • Burn crayons using a magnifying glass and the sun
  • Mix Mentos and Coke in your mouth
  • People watch in places people don’t think you’re watching
  • Buy a parrot and teach it to speak for you
  • Walk closely behind people while trying to perfect their walking style
  • Make an ‘I hate Bieber’ website
  • Play a really old game from your childhood, like Hungry Hungry Hippos
  • Create your own language
  • Go to the dog park without a dog, but lots of treats
  • Make Jell-O shots
  • Make a post-battle snowman with fake blood and darts
  • Lose yourself on Pinterest
  • Have a fashion show
  • Start a new campaign for Ron Paul
  • Chase squirrels
  • Hand-out Mardi Gras beads in return for a flash
  • Throw a tomato into a fan
  • Go to a concert of a band you don’t know and act like a groupie
  • Sterilize everything in your house with Everclear
  • Find out who REALLY invented peanut butter

In The Know: Dani Odelson sews on Precious Pocketz

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Dec 042012

Author: Nicole Beale

Dani Odelson uses her creativity to decorate sweatshirts with pockets. Photo by Dani Odelson

Colorado States’ very own Dani Odelson is making a name for herself around campus by designing pockets. Odelson creates custom pockets for just about anything you can think of with just about any fabric you can think of. Instead of freaking out last minute because you have no gifts for anyone this holiday season why don’t you try something different and maybe even a little cheaper. Everyone loves the usual gifts, but something handmade, something made with love is always better. She has pocketed things from boxer briefs to tank tops and everything in between. She says she just “loves pocketing everything.”

What started about a year ago turned into a booming business. Odelson says she started the company, called Precious Pocketz, for herself and now loves making them for other people.

“So many of my friends love wearing them, which also helps spread the word,” Odelson said.

She said recently that she received nine in one today. Soon she might need to hire an assistant.

“I am selling so many on campus – I made enough to pay for a three week vacation to San Fransico last year,” Odelson said.

Dani also has some friends representing her pockets at other Colorado campuses getting her some extra advertisement. While she isn’t trying to make this a career, it certainly is a great way to make some extra spending money.

Some may think with her talent that she would be studying apparel and design, but she is studying communication with a minor in women’s studies.

“I’ve just always loved crafting,” Odelson said.

Odelson was born in Los Angelos but has called Colorado home since she was five years old. She knows Colorado and tries to aim her company towards gear that is popular and suitable for Colorado weather.

It’s a great gift idea simply for the fact you can customize it anyway you want. Some of the most popular styles to pocket are sweatpants, tank tops, sweatshirts and t-shirts.

When asked where she picks up the funky fabric for these pockets Dani says, “Everywhere! Anything ugly and weird I see, I pick it up. The most elaborate design I have ever done is a sweatshirt pocketed with a wolf fabric – something that is really popular today.”

Dani describes her style as “the weird-o seventh grader that everyone loves.” Prices are within reason, most of the items costing around $20 and the sweatshirts costing a little more at $45 because it includes two pockets, one being significantly larger. This cost includes the clothing and the pockets sewn on.

Here is how Odelson breaks it down. First she purchases the garment due to customer specifications. Then she finds fabric to create a pocket with. For sweatshirts she must take off the pockets and replace them with the new precious pocket. After that, she sews the precious pocket to any clothing item you want. Odelson has recently set up an Etsy account, so she will be selling them online.

“I want them to still be super customizable,” Odelson said.

Etsy allows her to put her company online, but still allow for that customization.  To place an order with Odelson, go to the Precious PocketZ Facebook page or check her out on Etsy under the Precious Pocketz company name. Then anxiously wait for your customized pocket to arrive.

Souled Out: Up, up & down, a snowriders guide

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Oct 242012

Author: Cassandra Whelihan


The Snowriders at Colorado State University are dedicated to getting you to the mountains for some much-needed mountain time.

So much in fact, that we have planned our first day trip before the snows started falling.

Saturday, October 27th, join us for a day of fun and shredding at A-basin.

We have rented three vans that fit roughly 12 people each. For members, the cost is only $15; non-members pay $20,

Sign up today during our office hours in the sunken lounge in the Lory Student Center.

As for upcoming trips, Jackson Hole is happening January 3rd-8th, 2013. For the low price of $620, the trip includes transportation to and from Jackson and the mountain, lift tickets, lodging, sustenance and beer. If you are an avid snow goer, you do not want to miss out on this trip.

People have already started putting their deposit down so get saving! A $100 down payment can be made online through our website to reserve your spot. Bless the hole, let’s get weird!

Currently, we are trying to plan a trip to the Winter X-games January 25th-27th, 2013. We are looking to rent a house for up to 15 members. Check back for updates and details soon!

As for spring semester, we throw down for a spring break house, movie premieres, day trips and socials. Just because it’s spring doesn’t mean we can’t follow the snow!

Check out or website and Facebook page to stay updated on our events:

Snowriders Facebook

Snowriders Homepage

Student Abroad: A state of balance

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Oct 042012

Author: Anna Palmer

Today, I came upon a realization as I browsed through the spirituality section at the local used bookstore.  After approximately thirty minutes staring aimlessly at the plethora of books, eyes scanning from title to title, I realized I had no idea what I was looking for. I was on the search, for something, something to draw my attention.  I self-consciously stood there, worried that the man sitting at the counter would eventually come over to make sure I was finding what I came looking for.  For the answer to this simple question, I did not know.  I had come looking for a book, but upon self-examination, I knew I was looking for much more.  I came to that bookstore looking for meaning, meaning I know deep down I cannot find in some book.

Since coming to New Zealand, despite all the amazing, unbelievable experiences I have had, I have noticed a subtle, yet drastic change, a shift in focus you might say.  I’ve noticed myself consumed by the superficial world, pulling me into its tight grip.  I have become preoccupied with this world…consumed by concerns over my body and appearance, the party scene, the Facebook obsession, worried about what others are doing, thinking, saying, worried about my grades and stressing over my school work…all the minuscule things in life.  I’ve resorted to this superficial layering of life that we all find ourselves trapped in more often than we would like to admit.

Taking a step back, I realize that my sense of balance has been swept under the rug.  I feel like I have lost my connection to my spirituality, the part of me I deem most important.  I have lost my sense of meaning, of purpose. I am uselessly trying to fill this hole, this emptiness with things of the superficial nature.  I’ve noticed a hunger, a longing to regain this connection with my spirituality and I have responded by filling it with things of this nature.  As much as I hate to admit it, I have resorted back to old habits. But it’s time I start being honest with myself.  Until I do, I will be trapped in the same cycle of self-sabotaging behaviors.  I realize I must make a conscious effort to respond to this sense of longing in ways that actually work toward filling this hole.

My meditation practice has been basically non-existent since coming to New Zealand and I recognize now how much of an impact this has had on my day-to-day life.  In the bookstore today I discovered I was searching outside of myself for something, some book to inspire me, to relight the flame of purpose and desire in my heart.  But I now am beginning to realize, I do not need a book to achieve this.  I must look within myself instead, for within myself lies all the love, comfort, meaning, and purpose I need.

Realizing how unbalanced I’ve become took a lot of conscious awareness and I know that each moment presents a new challenge to remain conscious and present.  I must work diligently to regain this sense of balance, whether that is through meditation or journaling, some way to keep my focus clear of all the superficial clutter.  I know this will not be easy and temptation will inevitably present itself, but I am up for the challenge.  With this, I must bear in mind that perfection is not an attainable goal, not now, not ever.  All I can ever do is my best.  Each day is a new day, each moment a new moment, a new opportunity to realign my values toward love and acceptance, toward a state of balance defined by utter peace and harmony.

CSU students address the new Facebook

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Sep 222011

Author: Dillon Thomas

Facebook recently reformed their layout. Users can now gain access to information they never could before. CTV reporter Dillon Thomas spoke to students of CSU to hear their concerns.