CSU showcases student achievement

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May 022013

Author: Kelsey Peterson


The Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity showcase crowded the Lory Student Center Theatre at Colorado State University May 30. All CSU undergraduate students are encouraged to submit research or creative works that are then featured at the showcase and judged by three different judges. Students showed off their achievements and winners were awarded from the various events. For more information visit http://curc.colostate.edu/.

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Everyday Explorations: CSU’s Education Building

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May 012013

Author: Kelsey Contouris

Unless you study education or social work, the education building is probably just one of those buildings that you often walk past on your way to classes. But what lies within those weathered, vine-covered walls? The question had been nagging at me for much of the semester as I passed by the building on my way to Clark C, so I finally decided it was time to go exploring.

The cozy lounge area lies on the north side of the second floor overlooking the Eddy lawn.

The cozy lounge area lies on the north side of the second floor overlooking the Eddy lawn.

I entered the education building through the door on the west side, which I quickly realized was not a main entrance. I found myself in a white concrete stairwell, not sure where to begin my journey. Tentatively, I walked up to the second floor, figuring I would start from the top and work my way down.

Like many of the older academic buildings on campus, the inside was mostly filled with offices and small classrooms – nothing too exciting. These hallways felt especially school-like to me, though – the office doors had cute comics and signs on them, poster projects hung on the walls and colorful bulletin boards advertised department news. Perhaps aspiring teachers can get used to their future work environment while still in college.

I also found a quaint lounge area on the second floor – every building on campus seems to have one. Large windows overlooked the grassy area between Education and Eddy, and clusters of cozy-looking chairs filled either side of the space. There was even a small kitchen in the hallway right before the lounge area. It all felt very homey.

The lounge area also had a staircase in it, so I took that down to the first floor. As I explored, I found more classrooms and offices, but these were mainly related to the department of social work. I also found what must be the front entrance to the building (on the south side) – the space was filled with tables and chairs, a couple of computers and signs for navigating the building. Finding nothing else of note, I went down to the basement, but it turned out to be even less exciting – mainly just stark, white walls and a handful of classrooms.

Two of the benches on the north side of the building memorialize Sean William McGowan, who was a freshman in 2011.

Two of the benches on the north side of the building memorialize Sean William McGowan, who was a freshman in 2011.

It was the outside of Education that I found most intriguing. You’ve probably seen the east side – a few tables and chairs sit in front of a waterfall feature near the side of the building, and students can often be found hanging out there when the weather is nice. The wooden benches on the north side are also a somewhat popular place to relax, and I also noticed that they’re memorials to a couple of people who have passed away. I think it’s a touching gesture, and now I’m curious about whether or not the other benches on campus serve the same purpose.

I snapped a few more pictures of the north side of Education (and the random primate painted under one of the windows) and went on my way. While I probably won’t have a reason to go in there again, at least it’s now something more to me than just another building I pass by. Hopefully this will be true for all or most of the campus buildings by the time I graduate – I just have to keep exploring.

“Girl Rising” film inspires Fort Collins

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Apr 032013

Author: Kelsey Peterson


“Girl Rising,” a 10 x 10 film revealing the story of nine different girls from around the world, premiered in Fort Collins Monday, Apr.1 at AMC Cinema Saver 6. The documentary, directed by Academy Award nominee Richard Robbins, was written by nine celebrated writers from each girl’s country and narrated by nine renowned actresses. As posted on their website, “Girl Rising showcases the strength of the human spirit and the power of education to change the world.” In order to show in any area, a community must sell at least 100 tickets first. A group of Colorado State University graduate students involved in conservations leadership (CLTL) worked hard for the screening of “Girl Rising” in Fort Collins. After the film, Kari Grady Grossman, founder of Sustainable Schools International, spoke about the importance of worldwide education and the immense impact it can have, especially on girls. The premiere was sold out and a second screening is planned to show on Apr. 18. To purchase tickets visit http://gathr.us/screening/1785.

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CSU Recreation Center ranked one of the top in the nation

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Apr 032013

Author: Makenzie O’Keefe


Colorado State University’s Campus Recreation Center has been ranked as one of the top 25 in the nation. The Recreation Center, newly renovated, exceeded many aspects of the criteria making it one of the best in the nation. Sustainability was an important focus here at CSU. The Recreation Center was also recognized for it’s use of natural wood and stone, a large indoor pool and the chance to work out while looking at the Rocky Mountains through large glass windows.

The 2012 Colorado Health Report Card recently gave the state B’s for adolescent and adult health. With a recreation center providing healthy options and being one of the best in the nation,CSU students can help to maintain Colorado’s healthy lifestyle. Our campus recreation center provides numerous ways for students to work out and be healthy, such as four exercise studios, a 24,000 square foot cardio weight area and much more. Other institutions listed by the “Best College Reviews” included Pepperdine University and Ohio State University.

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Women expand College of Engineering

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Jan 302013

Author: Lena Howland


5 years ago, the College of Engineering at CSU founded the Student Ambassador Program.

The Ambassadors are responsible for calling prospective students, taking them on tours, and coordinating engineering recruitment events.

Since then, their numbers of enrollment have increased by 39%.

The Student Ambassador Program has an equal amount of male and female ambassadors to provide each prospective student with a personalized view of CSU.

The enrollment numbers of women in the College of Engineering have increased by 97% since this program was established.

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Certificate program under revision

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Jan 282013

Author: Lena Howland


Students who are taking classes to complete a certificate program of a specific study are having to rethink what that actually means.

On Monday, the department of education issued a statement saying, “The Colorado Department of Higher Education is not aware of any Colorado public institution of higher education offering certificates in violation of state statute.  Two-year institutions have statutory authority to offer certificates and associate’s degrees.  CSU has statutory authority to offer bachelor’s and graduate degrees.”

This means that instructors and advisors can no longer use the term certificate.

“What we were trying to do was to identify when it was appropriate to use the word ‘certificate’ in a communication to students that might look formal as opposed to actually being formal… and in those areas where it literally was a formal credential,” said Vice Provost of Undergraduate Affairs at CSU, Alan Lamborn.

These certificates have never officially been on transcripts and have been labeled as resume builders to some schools.  Departments are now in the process of renaming these so-called certificate so that they can be placed on transcripts.  “Emphasis” is one word they’re considering using to modify this.

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Defying a social standard

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Dec 072012

Author: Hannah Woolums

The social norm has been created that right after graduating high school one is expected to go to college.

Many have given in to this expectation, but many others decided to enter into the workforce right away due to different factors that caused them to make the decision.

For 19-year-old, Ethan Midland, going to college wasn’t what he had his sights set on when he graduated high school. His first plan was to join the Army, but then after some persuasion, he decided to stay and work full time.

“I initially was going to go into the Army when I got out of high school. I had pretty much made up my mind and was prepared to go, but my parents (who were very against it) swayed my decision. So instead of going in to the Army, I decided it would be better to just take time off of school,” said Midland.

Although Midland has taken time off from school he plans to start up at Front Range Community College in the near future. He plans to start with taking his general education classes before he decides on a major. For the time being, he will continue to gain experiences as a Shift Lead at Taco Bell.

“The decision has impacted my life mostly in the fact that I’m a bit behind in schooling. It had honestly, in my opinion, set me back,” said Midland. “I plan on going back to school very soon at FRCC (Front Range Community College). First for my general eds and from there we will see!”

Shalon Gage, 24, deviated from her college education for a very different reason. Once she had her son, college no longer seemed as adamant. As an employee of Taco Bell, she quickly worked her way up to the position of assistant manager. With her job and her son, college no longer seems like it fits into the picture.

“If I were given the chance I would not go to college, mostly because I want to be there for my kid,” said Gage.

For others, college was not a priority right after high school and working gave them experiences and knowledge they will never forget.

Dale Woolums, father and wine store manager, grew up in a different social standard. College was not a strong expectation and he factored in his family as a reason why he ended up not attending.

“College was not a priority for my family. Neither of my parents went, and it wasn’t discussed with me, at least I didn’t remember it being. It wasn’t that I decided not to go to college, I just kept working, running kitchens, and then restaurants, and before I knew it, I hadn’t gone,” said Woolums.

Although many years have gone by, Woolums would not have changed the path he followed. Through jumping into work right after high school, Woolums was able to work hard and advance within his company.

He has had a few different jobs throughout his lifetime, but even without going to college, he was able to make his way into management positions in more than one of the jobs he held. Now at 56, Woolums is proud of the experiences he had.

“I didn’t decide my path, I followed it. My career moves were just that, moves, from where I was, to something better. I was fortunate that my career didn’t require a degree to get into, then advancements were based on performance. Not relying on a degree to be ‘successful’ developed my common sense and logic, efficiency and creativeness. While I lack certain skill sets that I could have learned in college, I acquired some that are only taught by experience,” said Woolums.

Midland has had a different experience from not going to school. He has made great friendships but has not seen a huge difference in gathering real life experience over education.

“I’m not sure I’ve gained a whole lot from doing work rather than school. I’ve definitely gained friendships that I would never give up. I’ve also now gained a bit of management experience,” Midland explained. “Mostly what ended up happening as a result of not being in school was the large amount of partying, more than I should have. And mainly what made me decide to take the role as a manager at TB (Taco Bell) was the extra money.”

Although he has had a very successful life, first as a kitchen manger, and now as a manager of a liquor store in Denver, Woolums has seen many jobs in between. Some of which are a wine broker, and then moving on to a real estate agent and to buying houses to ‘fix-and-flip.’ However, he says that if he were able to do something differently, given the chance he would have gone to school.

“I would have gone (to school), for sure. At the time, I wasn’t a great student when I graduated from high school, although I got pretty good grades for the amount of effort I gave. I was ‘to cool for school’ then and after a few years, it never occurred to me to go,” explained Woolums.

Mad scientists teach chemistry to local children

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Oct 302012

Author: Lena Howland


Colorado State’s Chemistry Department hosted their annual Mad Scientist Halloween community event on Friday, October 26.

The Chemistry students opened their doors to Fort Collins kids of all ages.

The kids participated in face painting, scavenger hunts, spooky demonstrations, and more.

Students Prepare for Alternative Spring Breaks

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Oct 172012

Author: Tom Mullen


The CSU Alternative Breaks program allows students the chance to travel nationally and internationally to perform service projects while learning about  the social issues affecting the area.

Students can choose from fourteen different locations this year. The deadline for applications is Tuesday October 23. Students are encouraged to participate for a unique and rewarding experience.


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Too School for Cool: Fake ID impatiencey

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Oct 052012

Author: Allison LeCain

The Best Gol Darn Beer Ever.

The Best Gol Darn Beer Ever. (Photo credit: Bmaas)

Does the saying ‘it doesn’t count as alcoholism until you’re out of college’ mean anything to you?

When people hear tales of college, they usually involve drinking. You come home for winter break and all you hear about from your friends is how wasted they were when they jumped off the roof, fell out of a tree, or woke up in a stranger’s bed. This makes it feel like college is all about drinking alcohol.

I myself turned 21 almost a year ago (what do I have to look forward to now!?), but my 21st birthday certainly wasn’t the first time I had tasted alcohol (sorry mom).  I’d be lying if I said that underage students at CSU don’t drink, as it’s easy to look up the statistics online, but in my opinion some of the underage students are smarter than others.

It’s my understanding that the majority of underage students tend to move in crowds, house-party hopping on Friday nights. For others, it seems like there is no way they can possibly wait to go to bars or buy something at a liquor store, so they choose to ‘turn 21’ right now.

Fake ID’s are nothing new, though it is becoming increasingly easier to get them, what with the internet and all that jazz. Once a person has a legitimate-looking ‘fake’, they can join their 21-and-up friends for a night of buying overly-priced alcoholic beverages and mingling with some honeys.

While it is ridiculously unfair that a person can serve in the military and vote at the age of 18 but cannot buy or consume alcohol, the repercussions for dodging this law by purchasing a ‘fake’ are costly, and I don’t just mean money-wise.

If a person is caught with a fake ID, there are several possibilities of punishment by law. These range from a $1,000 fine to one year in jail with a felony or misdemeanor charge on your record, depending on your criminal history.

This image shows a red wine glass.

This image shows a red wine glass. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now this may just be my belief, but I’m thinking that messing up your college career by going to jail might not be a good plan. You should treasure those few more months/years you have of being underage, because after you’re 21, life kicks into gear. Soon you’ll graduate college and be in the real world. That’s when you’ll be wishing you were underage with less life decisions to make.

Stay smart rams and think before you drink.