Too School for Cool: In conclusion

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May 102013

Author: Allison LeCain

The time has come to write my last column of the year. As my graduation approaches, I can’t help feeling overwhelmed by emotions.


English: Cadets of the Air Force Academy Class...

English: Cadets of the Air Force Academy Class of 2003 celebrate at graduation ceremonies on May 28, 2003 as the Air Force Thunderbirds fly overhead. The 974 students marked the academy’s 45th graduating class. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lucky for me, when I’m overwhelmed by emotions I tend to shut them out, so they have not interfered with my work and school performance.

Still, I would like to get a little sappy. Graduating college is a big deal, and I’m even more proud to say I’m graduating with a job.

As myself and other senior rams flock into the real world, I’ll leave you with some words of wisdom.

I recently read 10 1/2 Things No Commencement Speaker Has Ever Said. I recommend it to all seniors, as it lays out some points and words of inspiration that will get you through this transition.

Here are my favorites:

  1. Don’t try to fix the world. The author, Charles Wheelan, explains that it too much of a burden to try to change the world. We should simply have a goal to not mess up the world. If I can do that, I think I’ve succeeded, (although fixing the world would be cool).
  2. Always marry someone more intelligent than you. This way, you will never get bored. On the other hand, if I marry someone smarter than me, does that make me the stupid one? Or does it make them stupid for marrying someone less smart than them?

In conclusion, it’s ok to not have any direction. The next few years of life will be the hardest, but we’ll get through it.

I love you all for reading. Go Rams!


BREAKING: Police Tear Gas Breaks Up CSU Block Party

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Apr 272013

Author: Dillon Thomas

In a new short video obtained by CTV11, quick clips of the CSU Block Party are compiled.  Reports say that an estimated 700 people attended the party, which took place only five minutes away from the CSU campus.


The video also shows partygoers climbing light poles, dancing on top of homes, and jumping on cars.




Original Video & Picture:



OkCupid: A hot spot for college students

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Apr 182013

Author: Kelsey Peterson


According to Statistics Brain, there are 40 million people in the U.S. who have tried online dating, but what is it that convinces so many people to look for a relationship on the Internet? According to Lindsie Livingston, a Colorado State University student who used the site for about three months before deciding to delete it, claims it’s linked to our generation of college students. She said that because of the way in which we use social media, it is hard not to meet people online, so why not? She used a site called OkCupid, which many college students are currently connecting to. Most online dating sites charge a fee, but because of it’s demographic, OkCupid uses advertisers for income instead. According to Find The Best, an online database, the largest percent of users on OkCupid are between the ages of 18 and 34, which is a much younger age group than most other online dating websites. Colorado State University associate professor Patrick Plaisance said that his concern doesn’t stem from the idea of online dating, but rather from the way in which people communicate online. He said people tend to focus so much on themselves that people communicate differently online than they would in person. Plaisance also referred to the fact that because OkCupid is free, advertisers pay for the site, which means they are tracking your every click. “We relinquish that kind of privacy for the convenience of that free service,” he said. “With OkCupid and any other kinds of free service, we have to understand there is nothing that is free.”

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Too School for Cool: Surviving winter break

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Dec 092012

Author: Allison LeCain

In the past few weeks there has been nothing I’ve wanted more than for winter break to come sooner. Now that it is merely a week away, I can be sure that it will be worth getting through the dreaded finals week to have a month of relaxation at my fingertips.

But what happens when relaxation turns to boredom? It’s inevitable that many students may find that they don’t know what to do with their free time, as we are not used to having any. Also, your hometown may be missing the hustle and bustle that you’ve grown accustom to in this college town.

As always, I am here to offer many a solution to you with this list of 50 things to do when you’re bored over break.

  • Have a backwards day, as in wake up and eat dessert, then dinner, see a movie, have lunch, take a shower, then eat breakfast
  • Go ‘window shopping’ at one of the most expensive stores in town. Dress up before hand to make it look like you belong there
  • Try to climb through your entire house without touching the floor, i.e. jumping from furniture to furniture
  • Stalk people on Google Earth
  • Build a fort , eat mac n’ cheese and watch an old Disney movie inside
  • Read a book in a language you barely speak
  • Make noodle art, but not in the traditional way – when noodles are cooked properly they will stick to the wall, so cook some noodles and throw them all on the wall in an artistic manner
  • Play humans vs. zombies, but don’t tell the neighbors why you just shot them with a Nerf gun
  • Have someone lock all the windows and doors and attempt to break-in to your own home
  • Learn how to moonwalk
  • Buy some moonboots (Yes, their back!!!)
  • Make up crazy stories to put as your Facebook status and wait for hilarious comments to appear
  • Try to make an object explode with mind power
  • Buy an unusual pet, like a hedgehog or a tiger
  • Check out Craigslist’s missed connections
  • Create your own TV series and post a video on YouTube each week
  • Time  how long you can hold a note
  • Time how long you can hold your breath
  • Try not to think about penguins – this gets tricky because in trying to not think about them you will inevitably be thinking about them
  • Be a pirate for a day
  • Perfect your Wookie noise
  • Make a smoothie out of everything in your fridge and try to sell it at your neighbor kid’s lemonade/hot cocoa stand
  • Try to run as fast as cars
  • Talk in a made-up accent all day and try to meet new people
  • Make a secret hide-out in your attic
  • Prepare for zombie invasion
  • Make prank calls
  • Burn crayons using a magnifying glass and the sun
  • Mix Mentos and Coke in your mouth
  • People watch in places people don’t think you’re watching
  • Buy a parrot and teach it to speak for you
  • Walk closely behind people while trying to perfect their walking style
  • Make an ‘I hate Bieber’ website
  • Play a really old game from your childhood, like Hungry Hungry Hippos
  • Create your own language
  • Go to the dog park without a dog, but lots of treats
  • Make Jell-O shots
  • Make a post-battle snowman with fake blood and darts
  • Lose yourself on Pinterest
  • Have a fashion show
  • Start a new campaign for Ron Paul
  • Chase squirrels
  • Hand-out Mardi Gras beads in return for a flash
  • Throw a tomato into a fan
  • Go to a concert of a band you don’t know and act like a groupie
  • Sterilize everything in your house with Everclear
  • Find out who REALLY invented peanut butter

Too School for Cool: Stress relief 101

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Sep 072012

Author: Allison LeCain


stress (Photo credit: bottled_void)

As a college student, I deal with stress on an every-day basis.  People tell me to do things like meditate or exercise deep breathing to de-stress. While those practices are fine and dandy and may work for some people, I find those activities extremely dull.

There are more exciting ways to relieve stress that, in my opinion, work a lot better and require less time to implement. I would think that any college student would want their stress relief activities to be as efficient as possible so they have more time for studying, which is why I’ve created this list to help you all.  Here’s a little insight on how I de-stress.

Lazy river study trip

Preparing for a major exam can require extraneous amounts of study time, leaving little time for relaxation. One of the best ways I’ve found to de-stress in this situation is to relax while studying. How do I do this you might ask? Laminate your most important notes and study them while floating down the lazy river at the student recreation center. You can get your notes laminated at Kinko’s or buy a huge pack of laminating sheets at an office supply store for around 10 dollars. Slap them on and you’re ready to go.

Releasing endorphins

It may sound too easy to be true, but laughing has actually been proven to make you happier and less stressed. Let me drop a knowledge bomb on you. When you laugh, your body releases endorphins. This is a chemical in your brain that makes you feel good about life. And as they say, laughter is contagious, so get together with a big group of friends for an epic laughing session to de-stress.

Smashing plates

The tradition in Greek culture of smashing plates was originally for celebration, but I’ve found that doing it when I’m stressed can be helpful.  At the Taverna Greek Grill, it is common for the owners to pick people who are dining to smash a plate against the wall.  The rush you get from hurdling a plate at a wall, knowing you aren’t going to get in trouble or have to clean up the mess, is a great feeling.  When you do this in your home, you will have to clean up the mess and you probably shouldn’t break any of your roommates’ plates.  The rush is still the same though and has a similar effect of stress relief as screaming into a pillow.  This is just a less psycho way of de-stressing that won’t leave the neighbors wondering if they should call the police.

Reality Television

If you feel you need an hour break from studying, move to the couch for some dramatic reality television. If you can, try to pick a show where the characters are constantly dealing with awful situations.  Some that have proven effective for me are ‘Teen Mom’ and ‘Pretty Little Liars’.  By the time you finish watching, you will be so taken aback by how awful the characters’ lives are that your problems and stress will seem petty. Very few people are worse off than the girls who got pregnant at sixteen or the girls who are trying to solve the murder of their best friend. Compared to that, most people’s lives are a cakewalk.

Zen hobby

It helps to have a hobby that makes you feel relaxed. Many people already have one, but don’t take the time to do it. Mine is photography, so using that as an example, it helps to set aside some time in your schedule to go wander outside by yourself taking photos. Just soak in the world around you and have a moment free of worry and stress. This helps you realize there are bigger things happening in the world than whether you get an A or a B on that finance test.


Too School for Cool: Semester survival guide

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Aug 242012

Author: Allison LeCain

Slippers 2

Slippers 2 (Photo credit: walker_mcbryde)

Here we go again. It’s the first week of school and students are already feeling stressed out. Those first days of classes can be pretty overwhelming.

As I sit here reading my syllabi, I can’t help but think to myself, “How am I going to finish all these projects in one semester?!” Not only that, but how will I manage to do all my class work while maintaining the way of life that I have perfected and grown so accustomed to over the summer?

This summer, I enjoyed going out with friends, having a clean apartment, and partaking in various shenanigans that may not be appropriate to mention. Now that school has started, I’m worried that my apartment will turn into a dump, I’ll never have time to go out, and the season of shenanigans will come to a close.  This just won’t do.

I’ve devised a plan to ensure that my life, and yours, will not be entirely ruined by taking an unhealthy amount of credits this semester.  Hopefully this advice will help to make your semester free of panic attacks and full of tomfoolery.

The thing most people give up when starting college is their social life.  This isn’t necessary and can actually be detrimental to your health.  The quick fix is to combine your social life with your school life.

One way to do so is to study with friends. When doing so, make a commitment with said friend that the two of you will actually study, not chit-chat, although it’s good to take a ten minute break every hour or so to gossip and go on Instagram. Plus, you may want to go flirt with that cutie sitting at the next table in the library…

On to the next dilemma: finding time to clean the apartment.  Most people don’t enjoy cleaning, especially when you’re stressed about finishing that research paper.  Luckily, someone’s invented the best thing since sliced bread to solve this problem.

Wal-Mart sells Sweeper Slippers, which are slippers that have dirt-grabbing, dust-clinging fabric on the bottom that do the job of sweeping for you. Just wear them around the house and the cleaning is done, well most of it. My two roommates and I wear these at all time and our floor has never been cleaner. Not to mention that the repulsively attractive lime green color they come in is so fashionable that I wouldn’t be surprised to see them in the next issue of Vogue.

Last but not least, college is not complete without shenanigans. This can range from spraining your pinky toe while climbing on your boyfriend’s roof, to consistently getting free chips and queso at Qdoba for flirting with the high school boys that work there, to teaching your roommate how to swing dance because he told a girl he wants to ‘get with’ that he was an expert, (yes, all these actually happened last summer).

Regardless of your shenanigans of choice, these are the memories the make college the best time of your life. With this being said, set aside one night a week for adventures.  Get together with your best accomplices for a night of unplanned mischief. Ft. Collins has a lot to offer, so grab your bikes by the handle bars and have a magical night.  The only rules are to be safe and legal. Now I set you free.


Too School for Cool: Let the Fun Begin

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Aug 202012

Author: Allison LeCain

A Kranz (wreath) of Kölsch beer.

A Kranz (wreath) of Kölsch beer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi there! I’m Allison LeCain. I’m very excited to be coming at you with a college humor column this year,
but before you begin to enjoy them I thought I’d tell you some tid-bits about myself. I’ve been writing
for College Avenue since I was a freshman, which has pretty much made writing my life. I’m a senior
journalism major with a business administration minor. When I’m not writing or in class, I enjoy drinking
beer, roasting marshmallows, and spending time with my crazy roommates, (you’ll hear a lot about
them, just wait). Throughout the year I’ll be opening up about a range of topics that hopefully all of you
can relate to. For best results, sit in a comfy chair and wear a fluffy hat while reading all my columns.