Students prepare for a stressful finals week

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May 012013

Author: Bree Hottinger


Maintaining your health can fall by the wayside when you are studying for finals.

CTV reporter Bree Hottinger shares some tips on how to stay healthy andmaintain your sanity during finals.

Fire Forecast: Larimer County Summer 2013

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Apr 302013

Author: Lena Howland


This April has proven to be drastically different compared to last year – all thanks to the snow.

Last April was the driest in Colorado history due to a lack of moisture and precipitation.

At this time last year, Colorado firefighters had just wrapped up the Lower North Fork Fire in Jefferson County and were nearly a month away from battling the High Park Fire in Larimer County.

Regardless of the snow, Poudre Fire Authority is still expecting more fires in the upcoming season.

Hot and dry weather combined with wind can quickly wipe out the moisture Larimer County has recently received.

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BREAKING: Police Tear Gas Breaks Up CSU Block Party

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Apr 272013

Author: Dillon Thomas

In a new short video obtained by CTV11, quick clips of the CSU Block Party are compiled.  Reports say that an estimated 700 people attended the party, which took place only five minutes away from the CSU campus.


The video also shows partygoers climbing light poles, dancing on top of homes, and jumping on cars.




Original Video & Picture:



Rams practice in Denver

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Apr 152013

Author: Ryan Greene

The Rams took their practice to Denver for fans in the area to see their team play.

Nigel Daniels & Andrew Olson win ASCSU elections

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Apr 102013

Author: Dillon Thomas



Read the Collegian’s article covering the ASCSU election’s announcements.

At approximately 7:35 p.m. Wednesday night, Nigel Daniels and Andrew Olson were elected 2013-14 ASCSU president and vice president with 64.3 percent of the vote.

Along with presidential results, college senators and the winning design for next year’s Forever Green t-shirt were also announced. Design No. 1, the winning design with 38.7 percent of votes, was created by Chase Baker.

According to a news release from ASCSU, 4,907 undergraduate and graduate students voted in this year’s election, yielding a 20.09 percent voter turnout.

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ASCSU administration reflects on downfalls and achievements

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Apr 092013

Author: Lena Howland


With ASCSU elections winding down, a new Student Body President will be elected into office on Wednesday, April 10.

One year ago, Regina Martel was elected as the 2012-1013 ASCSU President.

While campaigning, her administration outlined 16 different goals in their Feasibility Report to complete throughout the year.

Overall, they successfully completed more than 50% of their goals including student forums, future construction on campus and keeping blue books free.

They fell short on creating a syllabi sharing website, improving Wi-Fi across campus and implementing a bike library.

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ASCSU Campaign: Nigel & Andrew strive to promote university enhancement

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Apr 022013

Author: Lena Howland


ASCSU election campaigns are underway on campus with less than a week until voting begins.

This is a part of a two-part series featuring the candidates and the goals they hope to accomplish if elected.

Nigel Daniels is running to be the ASCSU President and Andrew Olson is running to be his Vice President.

They are focusing on improving the community, student services and university enhancement.

They plan to implement an interactive report of how student fees are being spent as well as a timeline of the order in which their campaign promises are being completed.

Voting for the ASCSU election will begin on Monday, April 8, and will continue until April 10th at 5pm on RamWeb.

Argentina’s Bergoglio elected as Pope Francis

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Mar 132013

Author: Lena Howland


The white smoke has risen and Pope Francis has been elected after two days of conclave.

Arch Bishop of Buenos Aires, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the newly elected pope.

CTV International Reporter Katie Spencer gives an update from Sorrento, Italy moments after the announcement.

Fort Collins Economic Outlook

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Mar 122013

Author: Lena Howland


As jobs numbers increase and the unemployment rate decreases, the Fort Collins economy is looking up for the first time in several years.

With private companies hiring more and more people within the community, they are providing a boost to the local economy.

OtterBox, a locally owned and operated private company, has seen an increase of more than 3000% within the past few years. This points to a major sign that Fort Collins has entered the economic recovery due to more businesses adding more jobs.

According to the February national jobs report, 236,000 jobs have been added in the month of February alone and the unemployment rate has decreased from 7.9% to 7.7%.