Sneak Peek: CSU rock wall rocks Your Feat

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Mar 202010

Straight up route six. Photo courtesy of Rodney Ley.

CSU is about to have something very special! Tomorrow (Sunday, March 21) The Outdoor Program at CSU will open the climbing wall at the rec center. The climbing facilities have a bouldering wall with heights from 12 feet to 14 feet and the rope wall boasts 14 ropes with 2 routes each with the highest route reaching to 38 feet!

It sounds amazing. But I can tell you first-hand that it is. Yesterday, the nice folks at the Outdoor Program let me and Matt hang out and play on the nearly-untouched wall for 2 hours or so. We used the top ropes, did a rapell and played around on the bouldering wall.

The routes were set by the ten student staff members for the wall. For all you ladies out there, I suggest you try the orange route on the North side of the wall. Don’t worry, it’s labeled “Chicks Dig It” so it’s easy to find. I dug it! Matt will be back at the wall on the expert route on the West side. As the first to attempt it, he wasn’t able to make it to the top but he said it gives him a project to work on! Now here’s some sneak peek pics for you guys!

Here I am on the rapell from the ledge at 36 feet


Here is Matt playing around on the “expert route.”


Feb 252010

Something sad happened today! Just now, in fact. So, I know the blog has been filled with Yellowstoney stuff lately but I have one more for you. Today at the store I picked up this month’s Backpacker and found a short article in it about the possibility of webcams all over the backcountry in Yellowstone…ewwww! Didn’t I just finish saying how the backcountry of this awesome park was wild, untouched and you couldn’t be bothered? I thought so…but I guess I was just plain wrong! If webcams in the backcountry happen, there will truly be no escape anymore. Sure, they say, you shouldn’t care if you’re not breaking the rules or being unsafe, but that’s a lie! I still care that eyes are watching me when I don’t want them to be. And that I can’t ever be trusted.  And, oh yeah, that BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING ME! I don’t think it’s about rules. And I don’t think it’s about safety. It’s about a lack of trust and a sad lack of respect that people have for nature.

I say: Please leave me alone in the backcountry big brother! What do you guys think?

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The skinny on A-Basin parking

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Feb 152010

Last week I posted a story I had heard on the news about A-Basin charging for their “beach” parking. This morning, I gave Kimberly Trembearch, the marketing manager at A-Basin, a call and she gave me the facts. It turns out that the story I saw last week on the news was reported without all the facts, Trembearch said. She said A-Basin has always charged for their beach parking but have made a few changes, which include:

-They now have 9 reservable beach spots, opposed to the 6 they had before.

– The price is now $150 on the weekends instead of $100.

Trembearch said these changes were made because A-Basin is seeing more demand for these spots. She said the reservable spots make it easier for families who want a good spot or want to hang out at the car during the day but can’t get the kiddos up and out the door in time to get a good spot without reserving. When asked if A-Basin is thinking about charging for all their parking any time soon, she said: “That’s just not how we operate. We’re called the legend for a reason. We just want to make sure more people can have that experience.”

Calling all unwanted gear!!!

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Feb 152010

Today I heard about a very cool non-profit in Fort Collins and they need your help! The non-profit: Homeless Gear. The mission: collect unwanted outdoor gear and re-distribute it to the homeless. This includes tents, sleeping bags and pads, rain gear, coats, boots, etc. If you are thinking about getting new gear, have an overload of outdoor gear or don’t need gear for any other reason, help out the Fort Collins community by donating unwanted gear to Homeless Gear.

See for more information.

First Tracks at Eldora…what?

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Feb 152010

Yesterday was definitely the best day at Eldora that I have experienced in the past two seasons. When you think “Eldora” you probably think “small, short runs, icy…” and all sorts of other fun things that come with skiing at a resort at low elevation. Literally, you can see the plains of eastern Colorado from the Eldora chairlifts. Some days, all these things are true. Yesterday, you may have thought we were boarding in Summit County. All the mountains got dumped on this weekend, including Eldora. I have my favorite tree-runs and got first tracks in parts yesterday. There wasn’t any waist-deep powder or anything, but getting first tracks at Eldora surprised me more than getting first tracks at A-basin or Keystone in the past.  You just don’t really expect it there! Since I haven’t gotten a big-mountain pass in two years for various reasons, this little reminder of what it’s all about was refreshing.

We all know the skiing and boarding was awesome just about everywhere this weekend. Send your ski stories and photos to to be shared with Your Feat readers.

Why do ski resorts want to rip us off?

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Feb 092010

This weekend, I experienced a couple dissappointments due to our state’s ski resorts! First, my sisters took me to Breck for a 21st birthday celebration. My older sister has a time share at one of the lodges at the bottom of one of the runs, so we thought maybe we would go skiing. None of our passes include Breck, so our thoughts of skiing were quickly squashed when we found out that a one-day adult ticket is now $93. That’s 11 and a half hours of work at my food service job. Ridiculous!

Second, I was watching the news Sunday night at my parent’s house when the newscaster announced that one of Colorado’s ski resorts will soon be charging for their prime parking spots. I thought it would for sure be Vail.  A lot of out-of-towners go there, it’s ritzy, maybe they don’t care as much about keeping it affordable (maybe they do, I don’t know for sure!). When the newscaster announced that it was A-Basin, I got mad. As a lot of you probably know, there is not much parking around A-Basin. The resort will now be charging….sit down if you’re not…$100 for a spot on “the beach” Monday through Thursday and $150 for the same spots on the weekends. Ridiculous again! To me, it’s sad that the crazy increase in prices of skiing will probably soon prevent me from doing a sport I have loved since childhood.

Click here for the Associated Press story on the A-Basin parking. There was no info on the A-Basin Web site about the parking situation. Check back for more on this story.

Backpacking Buddy

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Feb 042010

My friend Kaeli has just returned from Chile where she was studying abroad and falling in love with backpacking. I ran into her in the LSC the other day and she started to tell me all about it. Chile definitely blew her mind! She said I have to backpack there…so it sounds like that’s on my to-do list now. Even after all of this talk about beautiful Chile, Kaeli mostly wants to stay here and backpack Colorado this summer, which was my plan for the summer too! I’m sure you can picture that moment when you know you’ve found a hiking, climbing, paddling, camping buddy: the conversation starts out slow and then as you realize you have the same goals, your voices rise to excitement and plans are made. Since all but two of my friends and my boyfriend are graduating in May, I thought I was going to be feeling a little deserted this summer as they all moved away and became grown ups. Making backpacking plans with Kaeli was such a relief and now I am anxious to get back out on the trails. I have to be honest here, I haven’t done a ton of exploring in Colorado. I have camped and visited a lot of mountain towns, but I am definitely not familiar with many trails. Do you guys have any awesome backpacking trip recommendations?

Manuel Antonio National Park

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Jan 142010
Squirrel monkeys

Squirrel monkeys

Yesterday we spent the day in Costa Rica’s Manuel Antonio National Park on the Pacific coast. We hired a wildlife guide in the morning in hopes of seeing tons of animals that we knew we would miss with our own naked eye. While we did see a few things, the tour was mostly a dud. We saw some sloths, which was cool, a frog, some forest crabs and a wierd bug. No monkeys, to my dismay. After the hike, we hiked around a bit more to get some great ocean views and then we headed to the beach. Once again, I got a little beat up by some huge waves. Gotta love the ocean though, right? Even though we hired a guide, we ended up seeing the most wildlife on our own when we went walking around town. We came across a long stretch of jewelry vendors with booths and above them was a web of branches stretching all across the road. In the branches, there were about twenty squirrel monkeys playing. So cute. I will admit it, I was a major a tourist and took tons of pictures. But I couldn’t help myself. We just don’t have monkeys in Colorado!

Waterfalls and big butterflies

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Jan 042010

We are officially on the beach! For the last couple of days, we have been hanging out in Montezuma, on the Nicoya Penninsula of Cost Rica. Think a concentrated version of Boulder. That’s Montezuma. Lots and lots of dreadlock hippies walking around selling their art and offering you weed. Just like Boulder right? Anyways, today we headed up to a set of three waterfalls nearby to do some swimming. There were people jumping off, but it looked pretty sketchy so I stayed on the lower rocks. These waterfalls were really beautiful. The pools at the bottom of them were clear, crisp and refreshing. And the hike up to the second and third falls was super fun. We had to climp up big tree roots and use them to pull ourselves up the steep gulley where the trail climbed. I guess this is where jungle gyms came from! The falls were a nice change from the beach, where we were somehow burning, even though we stayed in the shade. Next up, a butterfly garden. Thinking of the butterfly pavilion, this idea caught my fancy. However, the butterflies were huge and kind of freaked me out! There were so many that would flutter all around my face and land on me and I didn’t like it as much as I did as a kid. When they weren’t diving into my face though, I was able to look at them and see how beautiful they are. As long as they weren’t on me, I was happy!

Zip zip zipping along

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Jan 042010

A few days ago I did my first ever zip line! And it was definitely just as much fun as I expected. Our tour included 12 lines. The highest was 350 feet off the ground, the longest was 1200 feet long and went across a river and the fastest was 40 mph. Although we are travelling here on a shoestring budget, the canopy tour was definitely worth the bucks. It was about $40, so really not bad for what you get. It was really strange to be flying along and just be able to look down into the jungle. Sometimes it seemed like I was going to hit my head on the branches above or smash my leg into one. Luckily, I didn’t. My favorite part of this favorite adventure was the second-to-last line. The longest line. It started to rain right before we got to this line. So, even though it took less than a minute, I was soaked by the end. I went flying over a river where locals were swimming and looking up at me. If you ever have the chance to tether yourself to a cable and go flying over the jungle, do it!