Search for Jessica Ridgeway continues, custody battle and backpack provide no answers

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Oct 082012

Author: Sophie Vukovich

Word has spread rapidly of Jessica Ridgeway’s disappearance across Colorado and the nation. The 10-year-old girl went missing on Friday, October 5th when she was walking to meet her friends on the way to school. An active amber alert has been issued about the girl with no lead on any suspects.

The only lead in this case so far is the backpack that was found with Ridgeway’s name in it. Officials have not told what was found in the backpack, but the evidence has not gotten officials or any of the 800 volunteers closer to the girl.

There has been a custody battle over Ridgeway between her father who lives in Missouri and her mother in West Minster, Colorado. According to, ” investigators have since ruled out any connection to this custody hearing.” After searching family members, friends, investigators have continued their search in Westminster and Superior. They have been left stumped.

If you have any information that could help, please use the police tip line at (303) 658-4336 or e-mail

TriMedia Film Festival interview with

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Oct 022012

Author: Sophie Vukovich

CTV’s entertainment reporter Melanie Rose interviews the TriMedia Film Festival’s Nick Turner and Carol Van Natta.

Carol Van Natta is the President of Horsetooth Productions. Her and Francie Glycenfer are the co-directors of the festival. After teaching acting and film classes  in Fort Collins, she and Glycenfer started the Fort Collins TriMedia Film Festival. Seven years later, Van Natta talks about the growth of the festival under her direction.

Nick Turner has a performing arts school, La De Da. This year he is heading up the emerging talent section at the festival as well as premiering a full length play he directed called The Other Women.

Watch the interview to find out more.

Tragedy in Colorado Springs; woman kidnapped and man dies

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Sep 302012

Author: Sophie Vukovich

Tragedy in Colorado Springs rises. According to Fox, a man has died after accidentally shooting himself. His fiance was woken in another room by the sound of the gunshot and called the paramedics to tend to the 38-year-old man at 3 a.m.

Also in the Springs, a woman was reportedly kidnapped. The Denver Post reports that a witnesses saw a woman beaten and thrown into the back of a pickup in the 1100 Block of West Colorado Avenue. Police are still searching for the woman and the two men that were reported to have taken her. Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call the substation at 444-7000.

Politics heating up in Colorado, Romney and Ryan come to try to win swing state

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Sep 262012

Author: Sophie Vukovich

Colorado is a swing state in this year’s election attracting attention from both presidential candidates. After President Obama’s visit a few weeks ago, it’s now the Republican Party’s turn to try and sway.

Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan is in Colorado today to campaign in hopes of winning over some voters. His first stop is in Fort Collins at Walker Manufacturing where a rally is being held. Later this evening he will be speaking in America the Beautiful Park in Colorado Springs.

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has already made stops in Colorado but will be here again soon on his swing state run. According to he will be here Sunday at a rally in a high school in Denver in hopes of gaining support from Colorado. Recent polls show that Obama is leading 48.5 percent to Romeney’s 44.8 percent. 

After negative responses to Romney’s comment on the “47 percent, his visits are under even more pressure now. After Colorado he will stop in Ohio and Virginia where he is expected to speak  more on his economic plans. This swing state run will be hugely influential with the first presidential debate on Wednesday, October 3rd.

Keep an eye on the Colorado-Ins blog for updates.


Photo cred: Dillon Thomas, CTV11

TriMedia Film Festival interview with musicians and more

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Sep 252012

Author: Sophie Vukovich


Entertainment reporter Melanie Rose interviews some TriMedia Film Festival participants on CTV’s Colorado-Ins. This was a two part interview. The first interview was with two of Stella Luce’s band members Alana Rolfe and Brett Schreiber. Stella Luce is a local band that performed at the festival this year. Interviewed with these two was Tomas Herrera, director of music videos for Stella Luce.

The second interview was with SpokesBUZZ Fort Collins board president Dani Grant and Julie Sutter who is also working with SpokesBUZZ and the festival.

Watch the interviews to find out details about the festival and how it’s expanding this year!

Colorado-Ins: Episode 4

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Sep 252012

Author: Kirsten Swanson

[youtube][/youtube][youtube][/youtube]On this week’s Colorado Ins, Michael McNulty interviews Rocky Mountain Collegian reporter Andrew Carrera. Carrera broke the RamRide accident that occurred Saturday evening in Fort Collins. Michael also spoke with organizer’s of Fort Collin’s first Park(ing) day. Sophie Vukovich joined Michael on desk to check out fun festivities to attend during the fall, including a haunted corn maze.

Park(ing) Day in Fort Collins

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Sep 252012

Author: Michael McNulty

[youtube][/youtube]Park(ing) Day is an annual, worldwide event where artists, activists and citizens independently turn public parking spots into “park(ing)” spaces. CSU Landscape Architecture students brought the event to Fort Collins for the first time to join the sustainability revolution that started in San Francisco in 2005. Parks were set up in front of the Pickle Barrel, Ingredient, Beau Jo’s Pizza and Equinox Brewing Co.  For more information about the worldwide event, or to create your own park next year, visit

Beer, corn mazes, and pumpkins in Fort Collins

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Sep 242012

Author: Sophie Vukovich

Fall in CSU

Fall in CSU (Photo credit: Hijeje)

As of September 22nd, we have officially entered the fall season. The clock is ticking and we now only have 89 more days to celebrate all things autumn.

I, like many other CSU students, claim the dominance of Fort Collins over, well the world really, and yet upon my search for fall-specific activities I learned that there is so much about this city that I don’t know. And what I learned made it even more awesome.

The City of Fort Collins has a full schedule of all upcoming activities, but if you recognize that time is running out, as I have, see the particularly inviting events I have highlighted below:

Granted, some of my findings could be considered more family or child oriented. However, after one (or three and a designated driver) of New Belgium’s seasonal Red Hoptober, you will feel right at home. New Belgium describes it as, “A cupful of sweet fig, tropical fruit, toffee, roasted nuts and hoppy bitterness. None of which overwhelm, they simply meet in the middle to attempt balance.”

There are a handful of farms with mazes, pumpkin patches, and hayrides throughout the city this time of year. Some of these farms offer even more attractions. If the fall season brings excitement through fear for you, Fear @ the Farm is where you want to be. This new attraction at Something From the Farm is starting September 28th. This fear includes a haunted maze and haunted hayride. Though I dare not underestimate the gripping fear within and around hayrides, this may fall into the ‘family-oriented category.’ Along with the previously mentioned attractions, there is Outlawz BBQ on the weekends. Sounds delishiz. For a more detailed schedule click here.

Harvest Farm Fall Festival adds even more fun attractions to the usual pumpkin patch and corn maze by including a petting zoo, corn cannons, pumpkin smash, roping steers, and many more. I don’t care how old you are, these things are fun. They also offer full service concession areas. Click here for more dates and other information.

 The Northern Colorado Corn Maze  similarly offers the maze, patch, and petting zoo but includes many other unique attractions. The giant catapult, corn chuckers, inflatable castles, and pedal car race are just a few. However to any respectably pinterest addict, it is their seasonal decoration attraction that is most unique. If you are looking to decorate your home with the season and have a good time while doing it, go to this maze. Click here for prices and dates.

Aside from farms, Fort Collins contributes to the season in Old Town with horse and carriage rides. And as things cool down, there will be an ice skating rink that opens November 9th. Gentlemen, if you want a lady to fall for you, these aren’t bad date ideas.

If the farms or downtown don’t give you fall fever, the Monster Bash is what you need. Sunday, October 28th will be a night of live music, dancing, and costume contests. And if that’s not enough, an entrance fee of $25 includes two free beers and a free late night buffet. ‘Free’ is used loosely here but either way, need I say more?

Happy autumn, Fort Collins! Comment and let us  know what your favorite fall festivities or activities are!

Tune in to CTV11 Tuesday, September 25th for more fun fall information.

Aurora shooting victims sue theater for lack of security

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Sep 232012

Author: Sophie Vukovich


Cinemark (Photo credit: Charlie Essers)

Three victims of the Aurora shooting have sued Cinemark theater for a lack of security. These three victims, Denise Traynom, Brandon Axelrod, and Joshua Nowlan, were all injured and felt that theater security could have prevented their injuries. James Holmes, the shooter, was able to take ammunition in through a back exit he propped open without any notice. An Airlock Alpha article explains,

“There was no alarm activated during the many minutes while the gunman was stockpiling his arsenal, and inside the theater shooting people,” one of the two lawsuits claims. “There was no action taken by theater employees to safely evacuate the many people left in Auditorium 9.”

Both Cinemark representatives and attorney Christina Habas decline opportunity to comment so far, according to Despite these suits, the theater still plans to reopen by the beginning of 2013.


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COINS Colorado health in jeopardy: marijuana, obesity, and more

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Sep 202012

Author: Sophie Vukovich


Health in Colorado is making the news in many ways. Medical marijuana, obesity, and the “popcorn lung” were all discussed in more detail on tonight’s show. Check out the second episode of Colorad-Ins for more detail.