Apr 252013

Author: Melanie Rose



This week’s episode of CSU Lately is hosted by Melanie Rose and Christian Zamora. This week they fill you in on all the things you can do this weekend. To start, they discuss the “Art and Booze” show going on at City Hall in Denver, Colorado. This event will showcase 75 artists and over 1000 people. This is Denver’s most famous underground art show and one of the best things about it, is the all you can eat pancakes. Then, Melanie and Christian will tell you about a brand new musical coming to Lincoln Center this weekend called, Midtown Men. Everyone is excited for this musical because four of the original cast members are a part of the hit broadway show, Jersey Boys. This musical will consists of 1970’s classics and the tickets are only $35. Finally, they tell you about the exciting Earth Day event happening this Saturday the 27th. This event will have live music, motivational speakers, and plenty of food for everyone to enjoy. No better way to celebrate Earth Day than by spending time with your community with delicious food and sunshine. In addition to the events happening this weekend, Melanie and Christian will introduce many entertainment segments made by CTV reporters. Enjoy!

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