Apr 252013

Author: Tom Mullen


CSU recently hosted the Cantaloupe Safety Symposium. The seminar brought together many food safety experts to discuss recent food born illness outbreaks and preventative measures. In 2011 an outbreak of Listeria from cantaloupes left 147 people sick and resulted in 33 deaths. Just last year an outbreak of salmonella left 261 people ill and resulted in 3 deaths. According to CSU microbiologist and food safety researcher, Dr. Larry Goodrich, cantaloupes are one of the prefect foods for bacterial growth. It’s   flesh contains plenty of water and has an ideal PH level for bacteria to grow. Dr. Goodrich discussed how the producers and farmers need to take more responsibility in creating safer environments so the melons are less likely to be exposed to bacteria.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration hopes to implement new regulation policies this year that will impose stricter restrictions on food producers. After studying the outbreaks they hope to plan more inspections of food producing operations in order to help reduce risk. CTV11 reporter Tom Mullen gives tells us a little about the research discussed, why cantaloupes are so vulnerable and how to protect yourself from getting sick.

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