Apr 242013

Author: Makenzie O’Keefe


Have you ever noticed the colorful painted transformer boxes scattered across Fort Collins? In 2006, the City of Fort Collins came up with a plan to help prevent or reduce graffiti in an inexpensive way. They hired local artists to paint transformer boxes across town. The painting of these transformer boxes not only brought beautiful art to the community, but it made the boxes less desirable for graffiti and tagging.When graffiti struck, the City would spend money sanding, priming and painting the boxes along with 20-30 man hours of labor. This artistic plan to reduce graffiti has been estimating to save up to $130,000 over the life of one transformer box.

When the project started, Amelia Caruso painted the first group of transformer boxes in Tenney Alley, north of Mountain Avenue. The project has grown since, hiring 9 artists to paint over 11 transformer box locations this next year. Each artist showcases his or her own artistic style on each box. The artists are currently submitting their plans for the 2013-2014 year transformer boxes.To find out more information about the Artist  in the Alley  and Art in Public Places programs, visit www.fcgov.com/artspublic/.

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