Apr 032013

Author: Logan Martinez

Wanting an escape from all the construction clinging and clanging? Next fall, you will have a home away from home.

rams bookstore

The Rams Bookstore, on the corner of Laurel and Mason Streets is implementing The Boot Grill. Photo by Logan Martinez

The Rams Bookstore, located at 130 Laurel St. since 1970, is implementing The Boot Grill, a CSU themed sports bar and grill. It will feature the restaurants well known prime rib, house-made green chili, a vast burger menu and a variety of daily lunch specials, while still hosting textbooks and CSU merchandise.

Griff Kull, owner of the Rams Bookstore since 1977, said due to the fluctuation in textbook sales throughout the year, with high sales times at the beginning of each semester, it was time to consider a new way to utilize the space.

“We are looking to do something different with the building at this point because we have half of the space allocated for college textbooks, which is only necessary for about four or five months of the year, and the rest of the year that space isn’t used as much,” Kull said.

The Boot Grill has been open for two years at a locally owned Loveland location. The opportunity to move to this location near campus arose and they wanted to cater to the CSU audience of students, faculty and fans. The bar will feature live music, much like their Loveland location. Marlena Bartlett, assistant general manager of The Boot Grill, is looking forward to creating a fun and inviting atmosphere for their Fort Collins audience.

“We want to bring in fun customers that are looking for a delicious meal — lunch or dinner — and want to enjoy country and classic rock music,” Bartlett said. “We have seen success at our Loveland location and many of our guests tell us that they look forward to having a place like The Boot Grill in Fort Collins.”

Kull is looking forward to this fun atmosphere to compliment the bookstore.

“We were looking for something to complement the apparel and gift business, imprinted Colorado State officially licensed merchandise business,” Kull said. “It seemed like having someone come in with a sports bar and grill would be beneficial for both of us.”

In the tri-level store, The Boot Grill with be located half on the main level and take up the full upper level of the building. On the main level and anticipated rooftop patio, patrons will be able to enjoy looking out onto the Mason Corridor and MAX transit system.

“We will offer live music on Friday and Saturday nights, as well as a roof top outdoor patio and a comfortable welcoming atmosphere,” Bartlett said. “We want it to be a fun environment, lively, and a place where people really enjoy their dining out experience.”

Implementing The Boot means food and beverage near campus, but does not mean textbooks are leaving The Rams Bookstore.

“We are partnered with a company with a good online presence, so it is going to allow us to rent more books and be more competitive with our rental prices,” Kull said. “Throughout the semester, if you are waiting to buy the book until you are sure you need it, we should have good prices available.”

The bookstore will still be open throughout the renovation and is planning to have both sides open for the kickoff of fall semester.

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