Feb 252013

Author: Nicole Beale

Anyone that has ever traveled knows about the hassle and expense that traveling comes with. Being a college student doesn’t lend much room to hidden expenses and overcharging. However, there are some tricks that can help you avoid some unnecessary charges and get things at a cheaper price.

Colorado State University is home to a significant number of out-of-state students. Experienced traveler and out-of-state student Natasha Kersten is from McLean, Virginia.

“Flights are really expensive especially from the East Coast. I like to travel on Wednesdays because it is the cheapest day to fly,” Kersten said. “Picking what day you travel changes the price of the flight dramatically. Flights on weekends and Mondays are not only more expensive but the airports are generally much more crowded.”

“Flight prices fluctuate, so don’t book your fights right away. Make sure you are getting the cheapest price,” said Charlie Mitchell, an out-of-state student from Texas.

If you know what day you would like to fly out, check multiple websites and price watch. You could check one week and the next it could be $100 less. It is worth it to wait. If you are flexible on what day you want to leave, make sure you check out Southwest Airlines’ ‘wanna get away deals.’ They are cheap flights for people who decide to travel last minute, according to Mitchell.

Another way to get a cheap flight would be to check a site that compares multiple airlines, such as Orbitz or Priceline. When comparing airlines, you can see what airlines are offering the cheapest flights. You can also check if they charge extra for bagging or have specific seating.

The cost of flying is continuing to rise and they seem to keep adding on charges, according to Consumerreports.org. Even bringing an extra bag can cost you a pretty penny. You can look to alternatives, such as driving. However, driving has its pros and cons as well.

When driving, you must worry about any sort of car troubles and fluctuating gas prices. In the United States right now, gas prices range from three to five dollars. GasBuddy.com will tell you the gas price you will pay in any area of the United States. It is a great resource to help you plan out any road trip.

Traveling will always be expensive, however, there are ways to make it cheaper so it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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