Feb 252013

Author: Nicole Beale

Any college student that eats at the dining hall knows the special theme nights are not to be missed. Aside from the rare, delicious cheesecake and the hot chocolate bar, there were a few other things that made this night at the good ol’ dining hall a great one.

Academic Village Dining Hall asked Colorado DJ and former employee Aaron Holsapple to play a set during the diner service. Holsapple plays under the name Cualli and has played several Denver venues including Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom.

“I graduated from Colorado State University in 2010 for philosophy and English,”Cualli said. “I worked at AV during my years there. The mangers liked my music and asked me to play that night.”The music added a great feel to the dining hall and made it fun to eat there. The mood was upbeat and people seemed to truly enjoy themselves.

Cualli was set up in the middle of the hall so it was easy to see and hear his long guitar riffs mixed with electronic beats.

“I have never been able to categorize my music into a genre,”Cualli said. “I feel I can express myself deeper through music and it’s my own style that comes out.”

The beautiful guitar that Cualli was plucking at with precision is a Gibson ES 137.

“I love that guitar,”Cualli said. “I was a freshman in college when I received that one, but I’ve been playing since my parents bought me my first guitar in fifth grade.”

Holsapples’ main focus is his Cualli project, but he plays in two other bands. One is called the YuYu’s, which is a collaboration between Cualli and Omega, another Colorado DJ. The YuYu’s are a funky, mid-tempo-type group.

The other project Holsapple is involved is called Real Life Actual, which has a more rock-and-roll feel to it.

You can catch Cualli perfomring on March 15 at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver.

Holsapple wants his music to be heard. So he offers a lot of his music  for free.

Cualli: http://cuallimusic.com/

Yuyu: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=214872515319893&set=t.1100267657&type=1&theater#!/TheYuyuMusic



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