Feb 252013

Author: Tony Vessels

As the countdown draws closer to the coveted week off , the excitement of every student can be felt as we hear the words, “I can’t wait for spring break,” more times than anyone cares to count.

So what do students do during this brief respite?

Families will be reunited, people will bless themselves with the concept of sleeping in, brains will be melted by a week of TV and/or video games. But many also turn their spirits to the wind, and choose to take this week to travel throughout the country and even the world.

We all go on vacation for many reasons. One of the most popular reasons is to go and experience a new culture, learn the history of another place. It can be incredibly interesting to walk through a museum or to take a tour around the oldest building in the oldest town in the country. One should be so lucky to even be able to see the biggest ball of twine in America (there are four claims to that title, just so you know, but that’s a whole other story).

But history and tours and museums aren’t everything that you can do on a vacation.

“You see one 300-year-old church, you’ve seen them all,” said Brian Green, a Fort Collins native. “And honestly, staring at all those paintings just bores me. When I go somewhere, I want to get outside. I want to move and try things that I’ve never tried before.”

Surf lesson distractions

Surf lesson distractions (Photo credit: Brett L.)

There are many destinations that people seek out purely to try new things.

“I was born and raised in Fort Collins, so last year when my girlfriend and I flew out to California for a week, we spent the entire week on the beach and my uncle taught us how to surf,” Green said. “I’d never done it before and I absolutely fell in love with it. Now that was a vacation worth remembering.”

Many people want to go on vacation just to get a chance to be athletic and explore the sports that they can’t really do at their native lands. Lord knows how many Texans we have skiing in our mountains every winter.

English: Whitewater Rafting at the USNWC

Whitewater Rafting at the USNWC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Our family is actually nearing the end of saving up for a big trip down to Peru,” said Eugene Thomas, a CSU student who grew up in Denver. “We’ve been saving up for about a year now, and this summer my [family] and I are going to be flying down to Peru for three weeks, and we’ll be whitewater rafting for about two. This is the vacation of a lifetime, and I couldn’t imagine anything being more fun than this.”

As amazing as seeing the Louvre in Paris would be, some people just need to take a break from their world by doing something much more athletic. Like whitewater rafting or surfing. For some, a great vacation could be just strapping on a pair of reliable hiking boots and exploring our own backyard that is the good ol’ Rocky Mountains.

Get outside for your next vacation. Have fun. To quote a very successful American multinational corporation, “JUST DO IT.”

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