Feb 212013

Author: Tom Mullen



Soon throwing cardboard in with the rest of your trash will be a thing of the past. The Fort Collins City Council is supporting a supposed ban on cardboard from the waste stream. If the ban is passed into law, it would require both residents and businesses to recycle their cardboard waster instead of throwing away with the rest of their garbage. Under the ordinance, if garbage men see that 25% or more of the contents of a trash bin is cardboard, they would not be allowed to pick it up.

The goal if this new regulation is to reduce the amount of cardboard that ends up in the local landfill. 12,000 tons of cardboard is generated in Fort Collins each year but only about 4000 of that is recycled. Senior Environmental Planner Susie Gordon says that cardboard is a major problem in the landfill. Cardboard and paper make up 35% of the landfill. She says we have the ability to recycle it with ease but it’s a shame we don’t take advantage of it. The city hopes that this ordinance will encourage citizens to start recycling their cardboard. The ordinance is scheduled for final approval on March 5th and could be put into effect 10 days later.

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