Feb 052013

Author: Allison LeCain

Roses, chocolates and love poems are typical Valentine’s Day presents, but action speaks louder than words and material possessions. Spend some quality time on Valentine’s Day week and spice up your love-life with these seven sex positions. They’ll be sure to fill your week with love, (or lust).

The Ape

Start off with the man lying on his back with his knees pulled up against his chest. The woman then sits down backwards and is propped up against the man’s feet. For balance, the woman should hold onto her partner’s wrists and rock back and forth.

The Curled Angel

The woman will lie on her side while pulling her legs up to her chest. The man will spoon her and come in from behind. This is a very sensual, close position.

The Bridge

The man starts by lying on his back and then pushes himself up making an arch. The woman straddles him and takes most of her weight off her feet. This is a challenging position that requires a strong, flexible man.

The Glowing Juniper

This begins with the woman lying on her back with her legs spread apart. The man will be sitting in between her knees with his legs stretched out. He then guides her hips up and down and may reach down and kiss her stomach if flexible enough.

The Magic Mountain

This requires three pillows stacked on top of each other. The woman will get on her knees and rest her torso face-forward on the mountain of pillows. The man will kneel behind her with his legs on the outside of hers. This works best with firm, thick pillows.

The Body Builder

This position starts with the woman leaning up against a wall and lifting herself up to straddle the man. The man should support her by holding her upper thighs while the woman raps her arms around his neck and her legs around his torso.

The Koala

Begin with the man squatting down.  The woman will sit in his lap as they embrace each other. Holding each other tightly, the woman will rock her pelvis while squeezing her muscles.

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