Feb 052013

Author: Wayne Stafford


CTV has breaking news on the RamRide DWI scandal that has led to arrests, charges and questions of the RamRide program.  CTV has an exclusive interview with the driver of the RamRide vehicle as well as the response from ASCSU in regard to the incident.  Also a speaker this week that told her amazing story about her struggle with Leukemia.  CTV anchor Lena Howland reports on a ground breaking cancer research study, here at CSU, done on golden retrievers.  Our weather anchor Austin Harley gives an update on the recent earthquake that’s thrashed the south pacific and also the weather in your area and the seven  day forecast.  CTV anchor Keith Albertson gives the latest activities for Black History Month.  And CTV sports anchor Dillon Thomas gives the latest sports updates.  All that and more on CTV.

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