Feb 032013

Author: Jack Krause

Who says students don’t have embarrassing stories to tell? In fact, there are more out there than one would think. Four students opened up about their sex lives.

“Me and a girl go out to a movie – me and my lady. Things are going really well and we start making out in the car. So we go and drive to a parking lot, turn off the car and hop in the backseat. So, things are really getting hot and heavy. And then…. ‘ouch.’ I ask her what’s wrong. She says ‘I don’t know, I must have sat on something.’ I looked behind her, and its my little sister’s booster seat. It kind of killed the mood.”

-Brett, freshman

” I was out on a date with this girl, and we were getting ice cream. After we get done, she goes ‘I still feel like I could go for some more dessert.’ So I get all excited, and ask where she wants to go. ‘I think we can go back to your house’, she says, so we go back and on the way, all she can talk about is ‘licking on an ice cream cone.’ We get back to my house, and we run in, and I ask where she wants to do this. She says the kitchen. So I go into my bedroom and strip down, come to the kitchen, and she is eating ice cream. Blue like ice.”

-Scott, sophomore

“I was fooling around with this guy and not only did my period start in the middle of it but his mom came home. He went outside and his mom was like, ‘what are you doing?’ And he looks at her with a big grin and says I’m showing her my room. I walked downstairs to meet her and there was glitter from my thong on his face.”

-Kelsey, freshman

“His roommate came home while I was getting dressed. Walked outside his door and my RA and three of my guy friends were waiting for me as soon as I walked out. Oh, also the door was left open while we were in the act.”

-Brittney, junior

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