CTV News February 29, 2013

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Feb 282013

Author: Bree Hottinger


The Ram’s Bookstore on Laurel Street is set for a major renovation this Spring that hopes to attract new business.  Eating awareness week is explored in depth.  Sports with Sofie Vukovich.  Weather with Kelsey McCallister.  All this and more with your Thursday anchors Kelsey Peterson and Tom Mullen.

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Off Campus Bookstore to Become New Bar and Grill

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Feb 282013

Author: Tom Mullen


The increasing availability of alternative textbook outlets to students is taking a toll on traditional textbook stores like the Rams Bookstore on the corner of Mason and Laurel. With more students choosing to rent their textbooks, obtain an electronic version, or purchase online for cheaper, store owner Griff Kull says that they’re not seeing as much textbook business. In order to try and bring in more foot traffic, Kull has decided to bring in a new business that will transform the sore into a Colorado State-themed sports bar and grill named The Boot.

Kull feels that a bar and grill will better take advantage of the store’s large space and take advantage of its convenient location. THe store will continue to sell Colorado State merchandise and textbooks  but things will just get moved around a little bit after the change. The store’s split level layout will allow both bar and bookstore to coexist with ease. Sharing an entrance, the upper level will be turned into the restaurant that will include te bar and a stage for live music while the lower level and basement will hold the CSU apparel and other merchandise. A back room will be the location of all textbook operations.

Rennovation will hopefully begin in mid April and Kull says the made-over store should be ready to open in the middle of the summer and be ready for students to return for the new semester.

Eating Disorders Awareness Week hits CSU

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Feb 282013

Author: Kelsey Peterson


This week, Feb. 24 to Mar. 2, is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week and eating disorders are more prevalent on college campuses than many people realize. According to the National Eating Disorders Association, 60 to 90 percent of women on college campuses are dieting to try to lose weight and 10 to 18 percent of men struggle with compulsive exercising, abusing supplements or steroids, and undergoing cosmetic surgery. Many college students like Kalista Consol struggle with helping friends with eating disorders as well as struggle with the disorder themselves. There are many resources at CSU to help students fight the mental ailment and the CSU Health Network offers both counseling and help from nutritionists. Their counseling services can be reached at (970) 491-6053. With media influences in every direction telling women and men how they should look, it is important to be aware of the prevalence of eating disorders, which is what this week is all about. According to The Body Project, most female models are thinner than 98 percent of American women.

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RamRise for February 28, 2013

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Feb 282013

Author: Ashley Wallinger


This morning will still be very chilly with highs only getting into the 30s by the afternoon.

CTV News February 27, 2013: Sequestration looming over CSU

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Feb 272013

Author: Lena Howland


Tonight on CTV: A federal sequestration is imminent, leaving some CSU employees and those under federal dollars eagerly waiting for a last minute congressional deal.  The Engineering 2 building is explored as it gets set to finish its long construction next semester.  Sigma Epsilon holds its 15th annual bachelor auction.  Traveling correspondent Katie Spencer reports from Pompeii, Italy.  Sports with Ryan Greene.  Entertainment with Christian Zamora, and weather with Ashley Wallinger.  All this and more with your Wednesday anchors Makenzie O’Keefe and Wayne Stafford.

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Secret CSU Cookie Society Selling Cookies with CRU

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Feb 272013

Author: Jack Krause

Closeup of a chocolate chip in a freshly baked...

Closeup of a chocolate chip in a freshly baked cookie, still on the pan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While many delivery services bring food right to your door, a start-up cookie delivery service wants to bring it to you in style. The “Secret CSU Cookie” delivery service was planned to be a new service that brought baked goods to you in a 007 fashion, with couriers wearing all black and sunglasses. Unfortunately, some roadblocks came up along the way.

The idea came to Ana Akana and Cailley Baigini following one of their missions’ trips to Malawi, a South African country notorious for its poverty rate and malnourishment. They felt the benevolent desire to further help by donating to the Malawi Children’s Mission charity. Now all they needed was an idea. They found that since they both could bake, and there wasn’t a current baked goods delivery service for dorms, that the “Secret CSU Cookie” was a good idea. They set out and began delivering, and yet there was an obstacle.

Colorado State’s Sales and Solicitations policy states that what they were doing, though noble, is not permitted. Unlicensed products can’t be sold on campus, particularly food products. “Non-approved vendors will not be authorized to sell or solicit sale of products or services, solicit donations, or hand out or post advertising on campus.” The policy explains this prohibition is due to a lack of regulation. The policy was instated 4 years ago after cases of food poisoning and other related mishandling incidents occurred.

“We should have done this before we started, but we were just eager to start making cookies and getting money as soon as possible… SLiCE was really excited about the idea but they told us that selling homemade goods was against regulation policy,” Akana said.

Down, but not out, they decided to work with CRU, a Christian organization on campus, and are now selling their cookies through the meetings they have every Thursday. So though you may not have them delivered to your door, you can still get some delicious desserts and donate to a good cause.

Sneak peek of CSU’s new engineering building

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Feb 272013

Author: Wayne Stafford


For the past two years the new engineering building has been under construction.  And if you’re like me you’re probably asking yourself ‘is it done yet?’  Well unfortunately you’ll have to wait a little bit longer as it wont be open and operational until the beginning of next semester.  I was able to get a sneak peek of the progress the construction crews have made so far.

Breaking ground on April 14, 2011 the anticipated 122,000 sq. ft. Engineering II building has been slowly raising from the ground piece by piece.  I was lucky enough to tour the building and see what it has to offer.

The building is also a green building.  The high-performance design will utilize many energy-reducing strategies including variable day lighting, heat-recovery systems, and energy monitoring.

The school of engineering has so far raised 69 million dollars in funds for the project.

Oscars recap; Dancing With The Stalled Careers cast announced

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Feb 272013

Author: Christian Zamora


Many A-list celebrities were spotted heading home Sunday night with the same man. The man cruising with stars appeared to be gold, bald and naked- ruling out the theory John Mayer discovered a cloning device to maximize his hook-up potential. Although John Mayer is bound find such machine, this gold, bald, naked man seems to describe the lovely trophy handed out to dressed-up celebrities during the annual Academy Awards.

The prestigious Oscars aired Sunday night on ABC, bringing in 40-million celebrity-obsessed viewers during the three hour telecast. An explanation behind this bump in viewership from previous years could have been the host, Seth McFarlane. MacFarlane, who is the creator of  “Family Guy” and often touches on taboo subjects, took the stage and guided the show throughout the night with frequent stops of sexist jokes and singing.

Although many of McFarlane’s jokes fell flat, none fell greater than Jennifer Lawrence did as she attempted to gracefully walk up the stage to accept her “Best Actress” Oscar for her portrayal in “Silver Linings Playbook.”

Other winners of the night include Daniel Day-Lewis for his portray of Abe in “Lincoln” and Ang Lee for “Best Director” thanks to his visual masterpiece “Life of Pi.”

However, no celebrity was celebrating more than Ben Affleck. After wrongfully snubbed for a “Best Director” nomination for his critically acclaimed flick “Argo,” the film took home the top honor of the night, “Best Picture.”

Looks like we’ve finally forgiven Affleck for “Gigli.”

For the complete list of winners, check the CNN website.


Tuesday morning on “Good Morning America,” ABC announced the celebrity cast for their 16th season of “Dancing With the Stars.” Don’t expect any of the stars who attend the Academy Awards to be on this list. The show is known to feature falling stars, if anything, on the show. The D-list celebs this year who decided their careers needed new life is former “Idol” finalist Kelli Pickler, former comedian Andy Dick, and former Grammy winner Wynonna Judd.

Here is the complete cast list and pairing of the stars set to take the stage come March 28th on ABC:


• Boxer Victor Ortiz and new pro Lindsay Arnold
• Singer Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough
• Country star Wynonna Judd and Tony Dovolani
• Soap star Ingo Rademacher and Kym Johnson
• Disney Channel star Zendaya Coleman and Valentin Chmerkovskiy
• Comedian Andy Dick and Sharna Burgess
• Reality star Lisa Vanderpump and new pro Gleb Savchenko
• Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman and Mark Ballas
• Olympic skater Dorothy Hamill and Tristan MacManus
• Comedian D.L. Hughley and Cheryl Burke
• NFL star Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff


Tune into “Ram Entertainment” every Wednesday night on CTV for the latest celebrity hard-hitting gossip.

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Sigma Phi Epsilon raise charity money with bachelor auction

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Feb 272013

Author: Makenzie O’Keefe


Greek life is know at Colorado State University for their Philanthropies, raising money for local organizations. Sigma Phi Epsilon, a fraternity on campus, raises their money in a very unique and fun way. Sig Ep holds a bachelor auction. All male students at CSU are encouraged to participate by creating a performance that causes women to bid for a date with them. The Bachelor Auction event was to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club of Larimer County.

Some of the men went for hundred of dollars, all of which were donated. The performances included some dancing, singing, poetry and a question and answer session. Sig Ep has been putting on this charity for 15 years. The auction included formal wear, a dessert bar, and the chance to win a date with the bachelor of your choice, all for a good cause. This event has been a very successful and popular philanthropy for Sig Ep over the past years at CSU.