Jan 302013

Author: Makenzie O’Keefe


Year to year numbers show diversity is on the rise at CSU. In effort to attract and retain students, a new policy has been approved. It will allow students with a religious conflict to miss class-related activities. Khaled Aldhaferi, a senior accounting student, found this new policy to be very important.

“I think I can get more time to study and also practice if we have religious holidays. I can use the excuse to go and really spend time with people of the same faith so we can share the same values,” said Aldhaferi.

The new policy was approved by faculty council, and allows students to receive accommodation if they have a religious conflict with class attendance, quizzes and exams. This exemption can only be used for religious holidays or events that do not interfere with a student’s everyday schedule.

Students interested in acquiring religious accommodations can obtain a request at the Division of Student Affairs in the Administrative building.

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