Dec 042012

Author: Nicole Beale

Dani Odelson uses her creativity to decorate sweatshirts with pockets. Photo by Dani Odelson

Colorado States’ very own Dani Odelson is making a name for herself around campus by designing pockets. Odelson creates custom pockets for just about anything you can think of with just about any fabric you can think of. Instead of freaking out last minute because you have no gifts for anyone this holiday season why don’t you try something different and maybe even a little cheaper. Everyone loves the usual gifts, but something handmade, something made with love is always better. She has pocketed things from boxer briefs to tank tops and everything in between. She says she just “loves pocketing everything.”

What started about a year ago turned into a booming business. Odelson says she started the company, called Precious Pocketz, for herself and now loves making them for other people.

“So many of my friends love wearing them, which also helps spread the word,” Odelson said.

She said recently that she received nine in one today. Soon she might need to hire an assistant.

“I am selling so many on campus – I made enough to pay for a three week vacation to San Fransico last year,” Odelson said.

Dani also has some friends representing her pockets at other Colorado campuses getting her some extra advertisement. While she isn’t trying to make this a career, it certainly is a great way to make some extra spending money.

Some may think with her talent that she would be studying apparel and design, but she is studying communication with a minor in women’s studies.

“I’ve just always loved crafting,” Odelson said.

Odelson was born in Los Angelos but has called Colorado home since she was five years old. She knows Colorado and tries to aim her company towards gear that is popular and suitable for Colorado weather.

It’s a great gift idea simply for the fact you can customize it anyway you want. Some of the most popular styles to pocket are sweatpants, tank tops, sweatshirts and t-shirts.

When asked where she picks up the funky fabric for these pockets Dani says, “Everywhere! Anything ugly and weird I see, I pick it up. The most elaborate design I have ever done is a sweatshirt pocketed with a wolf fabric – something that is really popular today.”

Dani describes her style as “the weird-o seventh grader that everyone loves.” Prices are within reason, most of the items costing around $20 and the sweatshirts costing a little more at $45 because it includes two pockets, one being significantly larger. This cost includes the clothing and the pockets sewn on.

Here is how Odelson breaks it down. First she purchases the garment due to customer specifications. Then she finds fabric to create a pocket with. For sweatshirts she must take off the pockets and replace them with the new precious pocket. After that, she sews the precious pocket to any clothing item you want. Odelson has recently set up an Etsy account, so she will be selling them online.

“I want them to still be super customizable,” Odelson said.

Etsy allows her to put her company online, but still allow for that customization.  To place an order with Odelson, go to the Precious PocketZ Facebook page or check her out on Etsy under the Precious Pocketz company name. Then anxiously wait for your customized pocket to arrive.

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