What’s Happening to the Ramskeller

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Nov 282012

Author: Tom Mullen


The Colorado State University Lory Student Center will soon be undergoing a $65 million renovation. The appearance of much of the building will change.

Most students are wondering what will become of their favorite on-campus hangout, The Ramskeller.

A Christmas Story reborn

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Nov 282012

Author: John Sheesley

There is no better gift than a genuine Red Rider BB gun. For everything from leg lamps to stolen turkeys, head to the University Center for the Arts. This holiday the UCA is presenting A Christmas Story – a play by Philip Grecian based upon the 1983 film of the same title. The play stays close to the original film, but has some adaptations and modifications.

“You can do different things in live theater than you can do in movies. The movie has so many different locations and quick shots and we had to work around that,” said Tim Werth, a junior economics and theater major who plays the Old Man. “It definitely is different but I feel like it lives up to the movie, or at least gives people a twist.”

The most iconic parts of the story are present, and create a similar atmosphere to that of the film while presenting the story in a different way.

“The audience will recognize many of their favorite moments from the film, such as Ralphie’s obsession with the official legendary Red Ryder BB gun everyone is sure he’ll use to ‘shoot his eye out’– as well as his translation of Little Orphan Annie’s secret code after receiving his mail order decoder pin,” said Laura Jones, the production’s stage director, in a press release. “And of course, when his father wins the infamous leg lamp, much to his mother’s chagrin, and not to mention the theft of the turkey by the Bumpus’ hounds who live next door.”

The audience who filled the house on opening night received the play warmly, seeing the actors offstage with a rousing ovation.

“Its hard to compare it to the movie, because the movie is one of my favorite movies. It would have been a good play, to me, without the movie, but it was hard for it to live up to the expectations of the movie,” freshman history major Fisher Ankney said.“My favorite part was when he was with Red Rider fending off Black Bart and the bandits.”

The cast, except for the character of adult Ralphie who is physically represented by guest artist and CSU theatre alumnus James Burns, is made up of CSU students and youth who have participated in CSU’s summer children’s theatre program, ‘Kids Do It All.’

“The adult cast has been preparing for about three and a half weeks and the kids have been in a class and they’ve been working for almost two months,” Werth said. “This is one of the biggest shows I’ve been a part of and the hardest part for me was keeping track of all the props and hand things and all the tiny details.”

Overall, the play has been a great success, allowing the actors to interpret and embody their characters.

“It’s truly been exciting to watch these now-classic characters be re-enacted by our cast of college students and child actors from the community,” said Jones in a press release. “They have all both embraced traditional interpretations and created their own personal ‘takes’ on the characters.”

Whether you are a die hard fan of this holiday classic or experiencing it now for the first time, this is the show to see this holiday season.

“I absolutely loved it, but I didn’t see the movie, so there was really no expectation,” said freshman Tiffeny Phair. “The kids were absolutely amazing and so cute and talkative. My favorite part is the soap scene, that was classic.”

A Christmas Story performance dates:
Nightly: Nov. 15, 16, 17, 23, 24, 29, 30, Dec. 1, 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15 at 7:30 p.m.
Matinees: Nov. 18, 25, Dec. 2, 9 at 2 p.m.

More info at http://central.colostate.edu/event/theatre-a-christmas-story-by-jean-shepherd-3/2012-11-22/


CTV News: A thankful end to the Fall 2012 semester.

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Nov 272012

Author: ilanigan

[youtube] http://youtu.be/b5pV4LpOavk[/youtube]Students who stay in the dorms over fall break are thankful to Ed (Gator) Gatewood for making thanksgiving dinner possible. Many students express how this opportunity makes them feel closer to home while another student is simply glad to enjoy, for the first time ever, a thanksgiving meal. Ed Gatewood is fully appreciated for his effforts. However, Ed will be retiring; so later Gater and thanks for all you’ve done. Additionally, the weather is on the warmer side for winter and snowboarding and skiing fans are concerned about what may or may not be a good season. Fortunately, there is still time for it to snow. Heat or no heat everyone enjoys a good eat, so have a seat at Aspen Grille! One student, Ashley Wray, talks about her experience working at the restaurant located on campus in the Lory Student Center. It provides her with tools she will need to go out into the working world. The restaurant is local and considered to be “Green.”

CTV Sports: November 26th, 2012

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Nov 272012

Author: Andrew Rodriguez

CTV Sports brings you the latest in CSU mens basketball, volleyball, and football.  Later on the segment “In Case You Missed It”, Ryan Hillman, Scott Huston, and Riley Adams dance a little Gangnam Style for the final sports show of the Fall semester.


Nothing like the first time, Watsky hits the Aggie

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Nov 272012

Author: Jack Krause

About two weeks ago, the Def Poetry contestant and Youth Speaks Grand Slam Poetry Champion, George Watsky, came to the Aggie Theater here in Fort Collins and left the crowd speechless at the end of his hour and a half long set. With him, he brought along rapper A-1, and they both filled the venue with energy. While most people who went are long-term diehard fans, the unlistened in the crowd still loved the music and the poetry. By combining humor and relatability to each of the verses, they were able to keep the crowd entertained for the practically four hour long set.

A concert highlight was when Watsky pulled a girl up on to stage, and performed his song “Kidnap your Boyfriend” while her actual boyfriend stayed in the audience and jokingly glared at the awkward courtship. Both Watksy and A-1 stayed after to talk to fans and sign personal messages to anyone who asked. They were kind and respectable people which seems to be such a rare commodity in the rap community, and for that the concert will linger with its fans for a long time.

For those who don’t know Watsky, he is a slam poet artist who has performed on Ellen and taken part in several of the Epic Rap Battles of History.

You can find his YouTube page here.

Students work at the Aspen Grille to gain experience

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Nov 272012

Author: Katie Spencer


CSU student Ashley Wray is gaining life experience through working at the Aspen Grille. She works every position from waitress to chef. Getting to know people while gaining experience, Wray said, is the best part.

Old Town offers gifts for everyone on your list

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Nov 262012

Author: Nicolle Fagan

Do you have a special someone on your shopping list? Do you want to one-up your sibling and get your parents the better gift this year? Do you want to share a piece of your life at CSU with someone else in your life?

There is no denying the stress you feel around the holiday season to get the best of the best for your loved ones. Fortunately, College Avenue has compiled this list of go-to items for everyone on your shopping list. From your mom, to your brother, to your dog, there is something special for everyone. All the items hunted down for this list can be found in Old Town and will make this year one to remember.

Specialty olive oil from the Rocky Mountain Olive Oil company. Photograph by John Sheesley

Speciality olive oil from the Rocky Mountain Olive Oil company. Photograph by John Sheesley.

Mom: Specialty Olive Oil from the Rocky Mountain Olive Oil Company; $18.50 to $33.50

You wouldn’t think olive oil was all that exciting, but the flavor selection at the Rocky Mountain Olive Oil Company is sure to change your mind. From Cinnamon Pear to Thai Lemongrass Mint, the wall to wall options will make it easy to find something for any mom’s pallet. A 375 mL bottle runs around $18.50 and the larger 750 mL bottle costs $33.50. And if you can’t decide which flavor to get, they offer sample packages that make awesome gifts.


Dad:Fudge from Kilwin’s; $15.95 a pound

Chocolate turtle fudge from Kilwins. Photograph by John Sheesley.

Chocolate turtle fudge from Kilwins. Photograph by John Sheesley.

What dad wouldn’t enjoy a pound of fudge to wash down their holiday meal? Kilwin’s offers classic fudge flavors like chocolate and chocolate peanut butter, but they also have specialties like maple walnut, turtle, and Fort Collins mud. Kilwin’s also gives out free samples for tasting, so Dad isn’t the only one who gets some of the deliciousness! Your dad doesn’t like fudge? They have plenty of other sweet goodies for under $20.


The Worst Case Scenario Daily Survival Calendar for 2013 from Killer Rabbit.

The Worst Case Scenario Daily Survival Calendar for 2013 from Killer Rabbit. Photograph by John Sheesley.

The Boy in Your Life: The Worst Case Scenario Daily Survival Calendar for 2013 from Killer Rabbit; $12.95

Simply put, it is “a day to day guide to surviving a year’s worth of peril.” Each day has a funny (and sometimes helpful) tip in the form of a history lesson, a mini hero story, or a how-to guide. Some examples are how to survive a fall onto subway tracks and how to stop unwanted PDA.


The Girl in Your Life:Texting gloves from White Balcony; $26.95

Fancey texting gloves from White Balcony.

Fancy texting gloves from White Balcony. Photograph by John Sheesley.

A gift that is fashion-forward and practical is the best way to go. White Balcony features texting gloves that are softer than cashmere. Milk protein inside the fabric’s fibers makes the gloves cushiony-soft. The gloves will keep hands warm while they use touch-screen devices.


Hide a Squirrel toy from Wagz.

Hide a Squirrel toy from Wagz. Photograph by John Sheesley.

Dog: Hide a Squirrel toy from Wagz; $14.99 to $21.99

Dogs are part of the family too! Wagz offers a unique toy that is designed to entertain pups with puzzle-solving. The toy is designed to keep dogs occupied, and the three squeakier toys inside can be interchanged with treats to make the “search” more fun. The Hide a Squirrel toy is available in both a small and large size for the tiny Maltese to the Great Dane in your life.


Grandma:Recycled Newspaper Picture Frame from Ten Thousand Villages; $18

Recycled Newspaper Picture Frame from Ten Thousand Villages.

Recycled Newspaper Picture Frame from Ten Thousand Villages. Photograph by John Sheesley.

When you were little, Grandma loved getting your homemade gifts. You can still show her your artsy side while supporting artists in developing countries. At Ten Thousand Villages, all products are sold to support artists in countries that don’t have the market or appreciation for art that we have in the United States. Philippine artists create usable items from recycled newspapers and magazines, and the picture frame is just one of many options. Just place a picture of the two of you in the frame, and it will be a gift that Grandma can share will all of her friends.


Tea in a Jar

Tea in a Jar from Happy Lucky’s Tea House. Photograph by John Sheesley.

Grandpa: Tea in a Jar from Happy Lucky’s Tea House; $20

Nothing compliments retirement like specialty tea. For the tea-lover in your life, Happy Lucky’s offers a Great Wall of Tea to choose from. Buy by the ounce or in a gift jar; nothing from this little shop will disappoint.


Aunt:River Stones for Massage from Nature’s Own; $20

Massage Stones

River Stones for Massage from Nature’s Own. Photograph by John Sheesley.

Life can be stressful and no one would turn down a massage kit! Hot stone massages are soothing and therapeutic, and a perfect way to let your aunt know that she should spoil herself every now and then. Don’t know anything about hot stone massage? Nature’s Own offers instruction books for purchase as well.


Uncle: Six-pack of beer from Odell Brewery; $8.99

Fort Collins is known for an active beer culture, so get your Uncle a uniquely Fort Collins ale. O’Dell Brewery is located downtown, but you can find their beer at any liquor store in town.


Note Pads from Curiosities. Photograph by John Sheesley.

Note Pads from Curiosities. Photograph by John Sheesley.

Roommate:Note Pads from Curiosities; $8

Wish you had a way to list all of the annoying things your roommate does? Curiosities offers a variety of funny checklists that will help your roomie blow off some steam!


Shelves of books at Old Firehouse Books.

Shelves of books at Old Firehouse Books. Photograph by John Sheesley.

Friend: Any book from Old Firehouse Books; Prices vary

Old Firehouse Books is the perfect combination between a used bookstore and Barnes & Noble. With both new and used books available, you can spend hours looking for something interesting to read. Sales on overstocks for Christmas are just around the corner, so it’s the best time to snag a great deal. If you have no idea what kind of books your buddy would like, they also offer gift cards!


Did I do that? Your guide to staying safe this New Years

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Nov 262012

Author: Jack Krause

We’ve all been there before. January first, groggy feeling and a “Hangover-esque” attempt to figure out what we did the night before. Some regrets, some things we wish we could remember, but all can be solved easily by following these rules.

  1. Groups are good
    • There is safety in numbers, at least when it comes to New Year’s Eve. You’re going to celebrate however you do, but you can at least give yourself the assurance that whatever happens, you’re not alone. People who go in groups they know are likely to drink less and regret less.
  2. Know your limit
    • Alcohol affects everyone different, but you can keep your head above the proverbial spirits by counting your drinks and giving yourself a predated cut-off. You’ll thank yourself when you can remember the good times, and when you don’t wake up with one of those classic morning-after headaches.
  3. Home-made, self-brought
    • If you make your own drinks you’ll know exactly what is going into them. You’ll know whats going to happen, how you’ll feel, and when you need to cool down.
  4. Charge it
    • Always charge your cellphone before you head out, if things get shaky, you’ll know you have a way of contacting someone who can help.
  5. Back it up
    • Before you head out, make sure you give yourself a couple back-up plans in case a driver isn’t capable anymore. Bring extra cash for a taxi, save the RamRide number in your phone, and map everything out. Going into things blind is a good way to end up actually blind.

With all this, you’ll be ready to ring in the new year on the right note. Stay relatively classy, Rams.

Start the New Year off right with fun and accomplishable resolutions

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Nov 242012

Author: Hannah Woolums

Cocktail by candle light 1: "With some of...

Cocktail by candle light 1: “With some of our living room in the background” (Cocktail, champagne, New Year’s Eve 2006) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the holiday season begins to roll around and the year gets closer to its close, New Year’s resolutions start to pop into people’s heads.

This year let’s make it different. Everyone has made the resolutions to lose 20 pounds, get straight A’s, or find your true love. Instead of making those unrealistic resolutions that everyone knows that they will never actually follow through with, make it something to look forward too.

Here are a few fun and interesting new ideas, that don’t all require you to change something about yourself or habits because you feel like you need too. Make it fun, make it something you want to do, and an easy challenge for yourself.

Here are five New Year’s resolution ideas that not only let you be creative, but are easy to achieve and allow you to feel accomplished and start the New Year off right.


Become a vegetarian

Are you an avid carnivore that has to have some form of meet with every single meal? Well try becoming a vegetarian for a few months or even a few weeks, just to test it out. Don’t make it something that you will change for the rest of your life (unless you discover you really like it that much); just take on the challenge of trying something new. Get out of your comfort zone and expand your horizons, but please remember to still get your protein into every meal. You may find that you really like it, and it will give you a better understanding a meat-free lifestyle.

Think of different excuses to why you don’t have something done

Let’s face it, ‘the dog ate my homework’ or ‘I left it sitting on my desk at home’ are excuses that are getting old. If you are someone who typically turns things in late, or just doesn’t do some assignments at all, make it interesting. Don’t come up with the same boring excuse; think of something new, plausible, but still enough to make your professor laugh, and hopefully get you that extension that you were aiming for in the first place.

Do more for yourself

I know you all hear about self-care all the time, from many different sources, but they might be onto something. This year take more time for yourself, even if it’s only a half-hour a day. You will be surprised at how much better you feel. Make these things that you wish you had time to do, or something that you have never thought about doing before. As long as it makes you happy, you will feel like you can take on more of what the New Year brings.

Try a new hair cut/color

A big thing in society is appearance. This year try something different. Start with something that is not permanent. Hair is the perfect thing to experiment with because it can drastically change your style, but hair grows back so you aren’t stuck with anything forever. Dye your hair some weird color that you have always wanted to try, or cut it drastically short because you’ve had long hair your whole life. This is a fun, simple, and obtainable resolution that can be fulfilled without the stress of it being permanent.

Find a better job

This resolution may be harder than the others to accomplish, but if you get up every day go to school and then go to a job that you hate, your year is going to last a lot longer than those who are doing something they love. As college students, crappy jobs are always in the cards, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment with different lines of work, or make your way up to a manager position. This is the time of your life to experiment, so make it a goal to get you through the New Year.

Thanksgiving: a bittersweet end to a 37-year-old old tradition

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Nov 242012

Author: Bree Hottinger


After 35 years, a CSU employee is retiring his career and thanksgiving tradition of hosting dinner for students in the dorms over fall break.

The tradition started in 1977 when Ed (Gator) Gatewood, in charge of maintenance in three of the campus’ 11 residence halls, decided to hold a potluck as a student back when he lived in the dorms.

Gatewood has cooked the meals and paid for them “out of pocket” since then, and celebrated his last on-campus Thanksgiving on Thursday with 30 other students who joined him for his last hurrah.