Nov 302012

Author: Cassandra Whelihan

Since snowboarding became cool, so has the park. In fact, these days hitting features on the mountainside has become a large part of the sport. It has gained so much popularity that entire competitions revolve around who can land the sickest tricks.

Professional snowboarder Aimee Fuller is a pro in the park. She makes back flips look effortless and flows through the features with an ease that makes you think doing tricks is for everyone. Nonetheless, the park is not all-embracing.

On the other side of the snowball are professional snowboarders such as Jeremy Jones or Ted Ligety, who make their place in the industry by dropping in on some of the most outrageous backcountry that audiences around the world have ever seen.

So, which beast is bigger? The park rat or the powder whore?

I’m sure the love for snow and being mountainside triumphs over all of them. A love for snow is not so easily shaken; therefore, it comes down to preference.

I have respect for all the athletes in the industry: park, powder and racing. But, my heart lies in the powder; the deep, fluffy, glittering powder.

Call it old school, but the origins of this industry revolved around the desire to be in the wild and the snow. The point was to be one with nature; with nothing separating you from the earth but a piece of board.

The powder people understand this innate lust to be waist deep in epic lines. In my opinion, they have a better understanding of the connectedness with nature that is at the heart of the sport.

Therefore, powder trumps park, but expect to run into some rocks and hopefully no scissors.

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