Nov 292012

Author: Jack Krause

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

With the upcoming holiday season, gift ideas are getting harder and harder to come by. This fall, the innovators at Apple have unveiled the iPad Mini. What it essentially boils down to is a smaller iPad2, but it still carries with it the aesthetic quirkiness that each product seems to have. The major benefits to this device are the portability it allows, and the larger screen that provides a bigger workspace.

Now, the question needs to be asked, whether or not this device is right for the recipient. If they read a large amount, or watch a lot of television or movies on the device, then the Mini is right up their alley. If they plan to use it as a mobile computing solution, then it may be better to ante up and get an iPad. The smaller screen and lack of the “Retina” display give off a buffered experience when it comes to power using. The same goes with if they only plan to listen to music with it; it may just be a smarter investment to go with an iPod Touch or iPhone. Its relatively cheaper, and will be used to its maximum while keeping your wallet slightly full, though with Apple, full is an exaggerated term.

Hands on reports and reviews of the iPad Mini say it is a great device that caters to a specific demographic of people, and if your family or friends don’t fall into that category, just invest in one of the other more tiered products. Pricing ranges from $459 to $659.

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