Nov 202012

Author: Kendall Greenwood

The holiday season is here. Snow is on the ground, the lights are hung in Old Town and the careful calculations of your bank account commence. If snow or lights is not your thing, there is not much you can do to avoid them. Pinterest can help ease your bank account though.

Pinterest, a blog-like website with countless creative ideas, is a hub for do-it-yourself projects. Here are five easy and affordable do-it-yourself gift ideas from this site that will give you extra hot chocolate money.


For this you get a six-pack of beer, or any other drink of your choosing, and decorate each beverage with pipe cleaners, googly eyes and a little nose. In the end, the six-pack will look like a gang of reindeer. According to Wilbur’s, the average six-pack is around ­­$9.99 and the crafty items are all available at Dollar Tree, making this an affordable gift costing you ­$12.99.

Manicure in a Jar

This gift needs a mason jar, which Walmart has available for $6.97; nail polish, $3.97 at Walmart; nail polish remover, $2.96 at Walmart; and a manicure set from the Dollar Tree. Arrange these items in the mason jar in a manner of your choosing and decorate. The nail polish color and your choice of decorations allow you to specialize this to your loved ones’ tastes.  Your complete gift totals to $14.90.

Nutella Cookies

All you need to make these cookies is a cup of Nutella, one whole egg and one cup of flour.  Combine these ingredients and bake at 350 degrees for six to eight minutes. A 26.5 oz. jar of Nutella is available at Walmart for $6.56, making this a very affordable gift idea.

Painted Wine Bottles

For the craftier, there is the painted wine bottle gift. You will need empty wine bottles (or an empty bottle of some kind) and chalkboard paint, available at Michael’s from $1.99 to $5.99. Paint the bottles with the chalkboard paint and wait to dry. Gift with chalk and your loved one will have a new kind of message board.

Hot Chocolate and Bailey’s

This gives a twist to the traditional holiday drink. Pair hot chocolate with a shooter of Bailey’s for $2.99 at Wilbur’s. You can use store bought hot chocolate for anywhere from $1.28 to $7.71 at Walmart or you can look up your own recipe. With hot chocolate from the store, this present could cost as little as $4.27. There are limitless ways to package this.

These are just a few ideas that have been posted on Pinterest for the holidays.  Liana Guerin, a freshman apparel and merchandising major, enjoys Pinterest because of its variety.

“It gives me ideas for my hair and clothes, but also things you normally wouldn’t look up,” Guerin said. “Like recipes and gift ideas. “[I am on Pinterest] about an hour a day.”

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