Nov 092012

Author: Allison LeCain

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Heinz Tomato Ketchup (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Look inside your fridge. I bet you have all the basic condiments – ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard.  While these are great for barbecuing, they serve many other purposes.

With just these three condiments, normally made for consumption, you can have a spa day or clean your house.


This condiment, most commonly used on French fries, contains a high amount of sodium, making it great for shinning pots, pans and auto parts.

It can also be used to correct the green highlights that blondes can get in their hair from spending a lot of time in chlorinated water.  Just wash your hair with ketchup instead of shampoo next time you shower.

If you’re out of shaving cream, you can use ketchup as a replacement. Just be sure to throw out the razor once you’re finished.


English: 48-ounce (1.42 l) jar of Duke's Mayon...

English: 48-ounce (1.42 l) jar of Duke’s Mayonnaise (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Mayo is packed with fatty oils, which can be good for your skin and hair or removing sticky stuff.

If you have dry, brittle hair, try moisturizing it will mayo as a cheap alternative to hair products. Comb about a tablespoon of mayo through your scalp and leave it in for one hour. Wash it out with only a little bit of shampoo, as to not strip your hair of the moisture the mayo added.

You can also exfoliate your dry skin with mayonnaise. Put it on wherever necessary and let it sit for 10 minutes. Mayonnaise will also strengthen fingernails, making you hang-nail-free.

Mayo has the power to clean crayon marks off of walls and floors, as well as removing stickers and glue.  It will even clean water rings off wooden tables, so you can say bye-bye to the coasters.


Plain yellow mustard has medicinal properties in it that can heal muscles and aches, as well as getting rid of bad smells.

A bottle of French's Classic Yellow Mustard

A bottle of French’s Classic Yellow Mustard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mustard can be used to deodorize water bottles. Simply mix a little mustard with hot water, swoosh it around in the bottle, and rinse clean. This miracle condiment will also get rid of skunk stench.

Adding mustard into a warm bath can soothe sore muscles. The same affect applies to healing headaches through soaking your feet in warm mustard water for 15 minutes.

If you have a cold, mix a squirt of mustard, lemon juice and honey in a glass of warm water to sooth a sore throat. You can also apply mustard to your chest and place a hot towel over it to ease chest decongestion.

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