Nov 052012

Author: Cassandra Whelihan


I’d like to take a look at the word feminism. The definition of feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

The topic of chick power is a rather broad one.

To narrow it down, chicks in the snowboarding industry are progressing unlike ever before.

So why are they being cut from contests such as the Dew Tour? Or only allowed eight spots at the X-games? Is there a reason they’re making less money off contests than men?

The pursuit of indelible skiing moments is at the heart of professional riders such as Spencer O’Brien, Jamie Anderson and Kelly Clark. They’re at the forefront of competitive riding with no signs of slowing down; throwing tricks with the best of them.

Furthermore, they’ve gained the respect of their male counterparts.

I reject the concept of physical build or neurological “confidence” being the deciding factor for female riders. If they can hit the jumps and clear the landings, they deserve the right to ride.

And ride they shall.

Pro-snowers such as Kimmy Fanasi have found ways around gender gaps and onto male crews. The experience has only fueled her flame and opened the door to some of the most epic lines of her life. “With more and more women pushing their limits, it’s clear we’re trying hard to progress,” says Fasani in an interview conducted by Transworld Snowboarding.

Women are climbing the ladder as the level of competition continues to rise. Landing double corks has reignited a push from the ladies.

A sport evolved from a passion for the snow shouldn’t be divided by gender. It should be about encouraging people to push themselves and to do their best. “As long as each girl’s goal is to progress the sport, we’re all working towards the same thing,” said Fanasi.

Women in snowboarding, this is a call to arms. To shred hard against the stereotype that women are not as athletic as men and to mend the divide.

Credit: bridging-the-gap-the-next-wave-of-womens-snowboarding

For more information on women in the industry check out this link. Transworld Snowboarding has a lot to offer the ladies.

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