Nov 032012

Author: Jack Krause

The Spoons located in Lory Student Center. Photo by Khristian Gilham

It’s been a long day of classes and you’re starving. Where do you go? What do you eat? The walk to the dorms is too long and arduous. Suddenly it begins to rain. There is a place that will cater to your exact needs.

Walk into the Lory Student Center food court, and you’ll see the Valhalla to your hungry stomach: Spoons. Spoons is a soup and salad express restaurant that offers an expansive list of food goods that your taste buds will thank you for.

Manager Rebecca Carleson said that one of the reasons she thinks Spoons won Best of CSU is the delicious food.

“The quality of it is chef made,”  Carleson said. “It’s excellent soup, excellent salads and sandwiches.”

Carleson said the quick speed and friendly customer service also helps them be the best place on campus to eat.

“The line looks intimidating, but usually you’re through it in five to ten minutes at most,” Carleson said. “We try to really focus mainly on costumer service, and then speed and quality kind of follow after that, but we feel like that if you’re nice to people, and give 100 percent of your costumer service, they will keep coming back.”

Spoons seems to have a majority of positive opinions from CSU students. Many students, when asked, would pick Spoons over the other food court options and even the dining halls.

“[I like eating at Spoons] because it’s really good and a friendly environment,” CSU freshman Autumn Shaklee said. “The people there are really nice.”

A great place to eat, and a great place to relax, Spoons has taken the student population by storm and earned its title as the best place to eat on campus. The green chile soup and the Caesar salad seems to be everyone’s recommendation, so go ahead and get yourself stuffed with some amazing food served by some of the nicest people.


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