Oct 302012

Author: Kirsten Swanson


Here’s a look at tonight’s top stories on CTV News Channel 11. You can also find them at CTV11news.com.

CSU Student Michael Hanson traveled to Virginia Beach this weekend to look at graduate school and finds himself stuck on the east coast. Airports remain closed because of super storm Sandy. Hanson speaks to us about how bad the storm is and when he will expecting to get back to Fort Collins. The Rocky Mountain Collegian featured Hanson and other students on the front page of Tuesday’s paper. Check out that story by Kate Winkle here.

Producer Note:  We just spoke with Michael Hanson and he has boarded a plane to try and get back to Denver. CTV will followup with him later this week.

CTV Reporter Katie Spencer took a look at one side of CSU that students don’t often see – the haunted side. Different buildings around the Oval are thought to be haunted and Katie has that story.

And CTV Reporter Michael McNulty stopped by a DUI checkpoint location this last weekend.

All these stories, plus up to the minute political coverage from Political Specialist Sean Korbitz coming up tonight.

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