Oct 302012

Author: Kirsten Swanson


The Fort Collins/Loveland Municipal airport is seeking a new airline carrier, following the October 29 service cancellation of Allegiant Airlines.

“Their scheduled service [will] end on October 29,” said airport operations manager Larry Mack. “Officially, they said it was an internal economic decision by the airline to leave,” he added.

Until recently, Allegiant airlines was the sole airline carrier for the Fort Collins/Loveland airport.

“Last year, about 50,000 people flew out of here on Allegiant,” Mack said, “so that’s who it’s going to affect.”

The airport is currently seeking a new airline company to take up its commercial airline services, however, Mack feels optimistic.

“It’s proven itself to be a good market,” Mack said. “Near term, we hope to have somebody in place by this time next year.”

CTV Reporter Erik Carman can reached at info@ctv11news.com

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