Oct 292012

Author: Cassandra Whelihan

Snow enthusiasts understand the meaning of dedication.

Not only do they subdue hours on end in sub-thirty degree weather, but they are also willing to travel countless miles for the freshest powder.

But let us not forget the dedication we have for snow culture.

The X-games bring together some of the worlds most prestigious snow goers on this planet. Willing to hit the biggest jumps, throw the sickest tricks and risk their lives in the name of epic soul sports advancement is the reason we travel far and wide.

Having attended my first X-games last January 2011, I have a new-found respect for these thrill-seeking athletes.

I strongly recommend making it out to Aspen this January 24-27th, 2012 to witness everything from freestyle and big air to snowboarder x, slope-style and super-pipe. The television simply does not depict the magnitude of skill these adrenaline junkies embody.

Witnessing them throw down just 20 feet from you while the crowds cheer on in admiration and respect is life-changing.

You’re also given insight into the riders personalities and personal style. Shaun White kills it on the super-pipe while you couldn’t slap the smile off Luke Mitrani’s face.

They are doing what they love and it shows.

Don’t hesitate to start planning your trip now. Grab four or five friends, preferably one with a car, book a hotel and start saving some cash. While I’d sleep in my car all over again, you wont have to defrost your contact lenses from a hotel room in the morning.

Check out the video of Shaun White’s 100% victory lap at last years X-Games!

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