Oct 222012

Author: Kelsey Peterson


With 28 performances, the fall 2012 drag show raised over $2,700. Previous drag shows have helped to support the Northern Colorado Aids Project, but the profits from “Do Drag Do Tell” will go towards the SOGLBT resources center in the LSC. GLBT stands for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender and the military theme this year, “Do Drag Do Tell” resembled “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” which was repealed in 2011, allowing gay, lesbian, and bisexual individuals to serve openly in the military. The line in the LSC began to form over two hours before the start of the show, and along with free admission, SOGLBT also gave out free “Do Drag Do Tell” camouflage styled wristbands. Months of preparation were put into the 2012 Drag Show, which acts as just one way that SOGLBT helps bring awareness to GLBTQ issues. “Do Drag Do Tell”: fighting for equality one dollar at a time.

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