Oct 172012

Author: Michael McNulty

[youtube]http://youtu.be/uEnYUALmR-8[/youtube](Full Episode)Wednesday October 17, 2012: Weather anchor Kari Pills gives us the midweek report and what to expect going into the weekend.

Reporter Dillon Thomas gives a recap of Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Greeley. Hear what he and community members had to say.

Reporter Lena Howland looks into the new iPad in this week’s Tech Talk. The iPad is said to be released next week. See what CSU students think about the new version.

Anchor Tom Mullen recaps looks ahead to spring break and recaps Cans Around the Oval. Collection was today.

All this and more on Channel 11 at 8:00pm or online at ctvnews11.collegian.com

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