Oct 102012

Author: Jack Krause

Photo by Jack Krause.

With the closure for construction of the Durrell Resource Center, the usual dining spot for those in the tower dorms, a new prospect has arisen. It goes by T-DEX, and it brings with it new dangers to the infamous freshmen fifteen. The building is an industrial shack with a kitchen which creates the hot food, while the greens and a la carté items are delivered from RAMWICH. Though the food may taste good, the CSU Dining Calculator shows the food for what it really is, which is full of calories and fat.

One cheeseburger from T-DEX contains 440 calories and also 23 grams of fat. That right there is equal to half of an average person’s intake of fat in one day, and that is only half of one meal. T-DEX allows its patrons to have two main dishes and a side as one of the meal options. The pizza is just as unhealthy, containing 595 calories and 25 grams of fat, and a F’Real vanilla shake contains 550 calories and 23 grams of fat.

CSU offers a nutritional chart which lets you make a meal and tells you all the information on what you’re eating.

CSU Dining Calculator

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