Oct 082012

Author: Sophie Vukovich

Word has spread rapidly of Jessica Ridgeway’s disappearance across Colorado and the nation. The 10-year-old girl went missing on Friday, October 5th when she was walking to meet her friends on the way to school. An active amber alert has been issued about the girl with no lead on any suspects.

The only lead in this case so far is the backpack that was found with Ridgeway’s name in it. Officials have not told what was found in the backpack, but the evidence has not gotten officials or any of the 800 volunteers closer to the girl.

There has been a custody battle over Ridgeway between her father who lives in Missouri and her mother in West Minster, Colorado. According to foxnews.com, ” investigators have since ruled out any connection to this custody hearing.” After searching family members, friends, investigators have continued their search in Westminster and Superior. They have been left stumped.

If you have any information that could help, please use the police tip line at (303) 658-4336 or e-mail pdamberalert@cityofwestminster.us.

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