Oct 052012

Author: Brian Guiducci

English: High Heels on pink background

Cute heels that would be a bad idea to wear on campus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Waking up in the morning, you go to your closet and pick out an adorable outfit to wear for the day, often times going through about five different outfit selections till you find the right one. Then comes the important decision of what shoes to wear. You glance at your gorgeous new pumps that you recently bought and ask yourself that common question that every college girl deals with: is it worth it to wear heels on campus?

I believe that there are three different types of girls when it comes to whether or not they wear heels on campus:

The Clickers: These are the girls who know how to walk in heels and how to pick the perfect pair of heels to accessorize with any outfit. They are often seen walking all over town and campus wearing heels, and the days that you don’t see them wearing heels is a complete shocker. If you ever look at their feet, you will probably not be surprised to see a ton of different blisters from the constant day to day wearing of heels. Also, they will always keep a package of band-aids handy in their purse.

The Sorority Girls: These are the girls that only wear heels on occasion on campus. Most of the time you will see them wearing flats or other types of shoes instead of their pumps; but when you do see them wearing them, you get a 50/50 scenario in which some can pull them off while others can’t. The ones that can’t pull it off will often be seen wearing some tight skirt and top that is always revealing just a little too much.

The Hippies: These are the girls who will avoid wearing heels at all costs. When it comes to their shoes, they are always for comfort. On that very rare occasion when they dress up, they will wear a cute pair of flats but never heels. Comfort, Comfort, Comfort, it is all that matters to them.

Whatever your opinion on heels may be, there is always one rule for wearing heels: if you don’t know how to walk in heels, don’t wear them, or at least get some practice before you do. There is nothing that I hate more than seeing a girl who is wearing an adorable outfit with some heels and is stumbling all over the place. It just ruins the whole look.

In the end though, its always up to you to determine when or whether to wear heels or not, but ask yourself that question girls, which category do you fall under?

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