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Author: Jillian Sheehan


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When dressing for an  interview, it is important to know what is appropriate to wear and what will cost you the job. There are a few steps you can take to ensure you look professional for your interview.


1. Avoid jeans and a T-shirt. Chances are, almost every other person in the interview dressed up more than you did and you look like the under dressed one. It is because you are.


2. Do not show too much skin. Think about the messages you are trying to send to a prospective employer. Ladies, do not wear a revealing shirt or short skirt. Men, wear a long-sleeved shirt and pants. If you have to question whether or not it is too much, do not wear it.


3. Stick to the classics. If you are thinking about wearing your new hot-pink pants and tank top, think again. Be considerate of the message you are trying to send and make sure you dress in a way that conveys that message.


4.  Be Clean. Do not show up with messy hair and a foul odor (Do not load up on perfume either). It is also important to make sure your clothes are not wrinkled, stained, or ripped. Ladies, make sure you do not have old nail polish on your nails. An employer who shakes your hand might feel offended and uncomfortable because it seems dirty. For more on cleanliness in interviews, check out this site.



As much as we might dislike this idea, first impressions do matter. This does not mean, however, that you have to change who you are. Just be yourself and be confident. After all, the interview process gets you one step closer to having your dream job. Good luck!


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