Oct 012012

Author: Ryan Greene


CSU President Tony Frank officially announced in a letter that he supports the idea of an on-campus football stadium for Colorado State.

The announcement had been expected to be made today, and only unconfirmed reports were made until the letter was officially published on the website.

Some notable quotes from the letter include:

Frank on his decision: “And so, with that long view in mind, I support our moving forward to attempt to build such a facility.”

Frank on why he supports the stadium: “The reasons I have found compelling are not new. I like the idea of bringing people onto our campus: alumni returning to reconnect with the place they lived and learned, fans and their families coming to the campus around the event of a football game, and students enjoying an event — whether a concert or a commencement — in the space they call home for a wonderful, if short, period of their lives. Done well, such events can highlight our university and its mission and be an important and useful tool in our success — measured in very diverse ways.”

Frank on opposing views: “And I’d be remiss if I didn’t make this point: I fully understand that people who care deeply about CSU can examine this issue thoughtfully and carefully and arrive at a different conclusion. In fact, people who I deeply respect have done exactly that. I respect those points of view and thank you all for them, even if I didn’t arrive at the same conclusion.”

Frank on price of stadium: “”The price of the new stadium is estimated, in nice round terms, at $250M. $250,000,000.00. $1/4B. Those are not typos.”

Frank on discussion at Governor’s meeting at the end of the week: “That CSU embark on fund raising efforts for a new stadium located on our main campus”

Frank on Hughes: “If we’re successful in funding and constructing a new stadium, we’ll then need to turn our attention to how best to utilize the land and facilities at the Hughes Stadium location. I’m optimistic we’ll find considerable opportunities to advance the quality of life in our community through the use of that location, but that’s a discussion for another day.”






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