Student Abroad: A week to remember (part 2)

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Sep 272012

Author: Anna Palmer

This is the continuation and conclusion of last Thursday’s post

The utter beauty of Abel Tasman

The utter beauty of Abel Tasman

After getting out of my appointment and feeling pretty distraught, the group encouraged me to sneak into a nearby hostel and take a much-needed shower, which was just what I needed to bring my spirits back up.  Sam was feeling a lot better at this point in time as well so we continued onward to Abel Tasman and began our three-day tramp.  The first day we raced the sun in order to set up camp before nightfall, which didn’t happen.  Because of high-tide and a simple misjudgment, Michelle and I got our hiking boots and socks soaked, which left us cold and worried about how in the world we would dry them out.  We decided to hang the socks over the fire, only to find that socks do, in fact, burn.  Our hiking boots thankfully managed to mostly dry the next morning sitting out on the beach.

Over the course of the next two days, I was in awe of the surplus of stunning views.  From the sandy white beaches and beautifully blue water to the mossy jungle, Abel Tasman turned out to be one of the prettiest places I’ve been to in New Zealand thus far.  Despite the group’s struggles, we managed to make it to a campsite before nightfall, set up the tents without any problems and set down for a less than satisfying meal of mushy spaghetti. We were one happy bunch regardless of the meal.  The last day, as we hastily made our way to the beach where the water taxi would take us back to our van, we realized that the time we had allotted for the trip back (as advised by the lady at the information desk) was not nearly enough time to make it there.  A bit stressed and on edge, we reached a hut, thankful to find a very helpful employee inside, who rebooked our water taxi to pick us up at a different beach.

The utter beauty of Abel Tasman

The utter beauty of Abel Tasman

By this point, we all were exhausted and ready to get back.  I was extremely happy to see the water taxi in the distance, but when the ride back ended up taking two hours this happiness dissipated. At this point, Sam was in a lot of pain from her mysterious tailbone injury and was doing all that she could to fight back the tears.  We finally made it back to the van and realized Sam needed to be taken to the medical center.  So back we went to the same one we had been at for my shingles situation.  After examining Sam, the doctor told her she had an abscess (caused by an ingrown hair) and needed to have surgery.  I came into the operating room with Sam and the doctors proceeded to slice open the abscess and drain out the fluid.  After ten minutes of excruciating pain, it was finally over.  They put on a dressing and told Sam that she would have to get it changed every day for 7 days.  Despite the ordeal, Sam managed to put on a brave and smiling face as we hopped back into the van determined to find a hostel for the night.

Thankfully, we managed to find one and got some much needed rest.  The next morning we made our way toward Kaikoura, making a pit stop for a short walk to a waterfall where we witnessed about 15 or so seal pups playfully swimming in the water.  It was such an unbelievable sight and it definitely lifted the spirits of the entire group.

Kaikoura is a beautiful coastal town nestled between snow-capped mountains and the beautifully blue water of the Pacific Ocean.  This was yet another place where I was in awe of the pure

Seal pup at the waterfall

Seal pup at the waterfall

beauty that surrounded me.  After breezing through this oasis, we made our way to Hanmer Springs, for much-needed dip in the hot springs.  However, it was here that we found out Sam would need to get another surgery once back in Dunedin.  At this point, we all knew that we had to get back as soon as possible and the only thing that was between us and home was a 7-hour grueling drive that Sam would be in pain for the majority of.  To top it off, a mere two hours away from Dunedin, we managed to get pulled over by the cops.  Bad luck indeed.

Looking back on this week and all that went awry, I can see how anyone reading this may think “boy, what a disaster of a week.”  In all honesty, I thought this myself at one point during the course of the week.  We had definitely had our fair share of misfortunes and bad luck, but I would not trade this week for anything in the world.  It was a week packed full of adventure and one that I will never forget.  All the crummy times made me realize how valuable the littlest things are and how it is so easy to get swept up in the negatives and miss out on all the good passing by you each and every second.  We had managed to see the sheer beauty of the south island in one short week as well as experience the inevitable misfortunes one encounters on a road trip.  But I will never forget the memories made on this trip, all the laughter, all the tears and all the mood swings in between.  In one short week, I learned the value of friendship, support and encouragement.  Looking back on this week, I can’t help but smile at all the adventures we had as a group, as an unconventional family of adventure world travelers and boy, what a week to remember it was.

A new season of trends

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Sep 272012

Author: Kendall Greenwood

A new season is beginning. The leaves are changing and the wind is cooler. You have pulled out your fall wardrobe. You stare at the pile of last year’s sweaters and wonder; will they still look fashionable?

The fall trends for this year are beginning to emerge.  Men and women’s trends bring new ideas on how to keep your body warm and comfortable.


According to Don Duty, 41, manager of Men’s Wearhouse, the fit in men’s apparel is the biggest change.

Herrenmode 2011 in London. Anzug mit Weste und...

Herrenmode 2011 in London. Anzug mit Weste und Binder. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“The trend coming up this fall is going to be modern fit, modern fit, modern fit,” Duty said. “That is the new exciting thing.”

This means that jackets, shirts, pants, and even ties are going to be more form-fitting.  The arm holes on jackets and shirts will be a little higher and pants will be closer to a skinny jean.

“It’s a little bit more like a European style cut,” Duty said.

For women, some clothing is going to create a multi-layered look. Pieces in an outfit will not create one length to the garments. Several lengths will be seen in one outfit.

“We see high and low lengths already happening in tops and dresses and we are probably going to see more of that with skirts, dresses, coats, etc.,” said Carol Engel-Enright, internship coordinator and instructor for the Department of Design and Merchandising at CSU.



Men’s jackets are going to have a tighter fit and transfer from suit to casual-wear easily.

“Most of the modern fit suit coats and sport coats are very denim friendly,” Duty said.

Women’s outerwear trending this fall has a looser fit with styles like boyfriend jackets and blanket coats, according to Kevin Kissell, an instructor for the Department of Design and Merchandising.

“Blanket coats are big, giant, chunky coats probably kind of like an alteration of the trend of shawls,” Kissell said.


Greener (Photo credit: ninette_luz)


Colors for men’s clothing are fall-like, but with a bright twist.  According to Duty, pinks, lavenders, bright oranges, burnt oranges and greens will be on shirts, jackets, pants and ties.

According to Engel-Enright, color blocking is big in women’s apparel this fall. Contrasting colors will be styled together, but garments will also be made with more than one color through color insets. For example, a mainly camel coat could have black insets on the sleeves or sides of the coat.


A trend for both genders is pattern on pattern. For men, this means stripes, checked patterns and tone-on-tone paisley could be mixed and matched in an outfit.

“The jacket and pants will have some sort of pattern to them, shirts will have high color or pattern and then the ties will be high color, skinny, and pattern,” Duty said.

Women’s apparel will have a mix of patterns like plaids and tweeds. Prints are also prominent, both big and digital prints.

“Any kind of large print is going to be a textile trend,” Kissell said.

A digital print is different from other prints. Designers use photography to make a textile design.  Then, instead of printing and cutting the fabric into a garment, the garment is made first.

“[The prints] are actually printed on the piece itself,” Engel-Enright said.


According to Kissell, we will see leather in women’s apparel as jackets, skirts and pants. However, these are not the only items we will see.

“I think co-eds are going to take their twist on it, especially in Colorado,” Engel-Enright said.

David Russon, 27, a design and merchandising student at CSU, looks for trends that fit with his classic look. One of those for this fall is the military look.

“I like the details of the shoulders, the big buttons and just the structure of it,” Russon said.

The Continuum: Imagine Dragons

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Sep 262012

Author: Kenneth Myers

The combination of social media, word of mouth and immediate availability has made it possible for musicians to very suddenly come into common

Circumaural headphones have large pads that su...

Circumaural headphones have large pads that surround the outer ear. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

knowledge. Such is the case with Imagine Dragons. The four-man-group out of Las Vegas has very suddenly found itself being widely listened to.

At time of writing the group’s song, “It’s Time” stand at #25 on iTunes Top Songs, a list dominated near constantly by only the most popular pop of the moment. Dragons’ alt-rock tune stands alone in a sea of well known acts.

In terms of style, the group does nothing you haven’t heard before. They combine elements of groups like Modest Mouse and The Killers and act as some kind of an amalgamation of the last 15 years of alternative rock groups. They put an emphasis on their almost frantic vocals to create an inconsistent, but solid pace to the album. The inconsistency in the album is rooted in abrupt emotional shifts within the songs themselves that makes songs seem unfocused verse-to-verse. This issue in the songs themselves is only exacerbated on the level of the album with songs that are sorrowful and angry directly followed by optimism. It’s best described as a loud and insistent kind of alt-rock that hasn’t been anywhere near the top of any charts in recent years.

As the next year comes and Imagine Dragons publishes a second studio album, they will have no choice but to either differentiate themselves from other similar acts or fade into obscurity. Dragons will inevitably face a common issue for a group with a popular first album: avoiding the dreaded status of flash in the pan or one-hit wonder.

Paul Ryan holds rally at Fort Collins manufacturing plant

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Sep 262012

Author: Sean Korbitz


Vice Presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) stopped short of coming to CSU on Wednesday, and held a rally at Walker Manufacturing in Fort Collins.
With a crowd of almost 2,500 supporters on hand, the Wisconsin congressman harped on the Obama administration for its handling of the economy, health care, and the national debt.
Ryan answered supporters’ questions during the town hall portion of the rally, vowing to repeal the Affordable Care Act as an answer to the country’s health care debate.
The Republican VP candidate also touted the need to repeal most, if not all, of the executive orders President Obama’s has put in place since he took office in 2009.
CSU’s own Rachel Drechsler, Treasurer of the CSU Republicans, had the opportunity to speak before Ryan took the stage. She spoke about women’s rights, the economy, and the struggle that college graduates face in the current job market.
CTV spoke exclusively with one worker at the Walker Manufacturing plant who said that the near-all-day rally delayed the production of nearly 50 lawn mowers, valued at $10,000 each. Which puts a minimum price tag on the rally for the Walker Company at half a million dollars, for now. Although employees were given the option to not attend the rally, over 30 were stationed in the risers behind Congressman Ryan.
Poll numbers in Colorado have Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan now trailing President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. With only 42 days until this year’s election, every rally will matter if the Romney camp hopes to turn recent poll figures in their favor.

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What’s new with the iPhone 5

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Sep 262012

Author: Victoria Hawn

Image representing iPhone as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase


The iPhone, as many are already aware, undergoes changes on an annual basis to release the “next big thing”.  The iPhone 5 follows through on this expectation, literally.


With a four inch screen, the iPhone 5 really is bigger, but without adding to weight or thickness.  In fact, it is 18 percent thinner, 20 percent lighter, and with 12 percent less total volume.


Another update to the iPhone 5 is the new 4G LTE network, which would allow download speeds to approach 100 megabits per second in optimal conditions – more than twice as fast as the iPhone 4S would allow.


However, LTE is often criticized for sucking up battery power, but Apple claims that they’ve done LTE “the right way.”  By “the right way”, they mean that, combined with the new LTE network, they have also added an A6 chip.  The A6 chip is essentially designed to allow for these increased speeds, without compromising battery life.  On the contrary, battery life is supposedly even better.


Other more minor changes include improvements to video.  One can now take still shots while recording video and there is also face recognition.  Additionally, the iPhone has undergone some accessory changes to the headphones and connector.  Headphones are now pod-shaped to better fit the ear and the connector is significantly smaller.


The final change, and perhaps the one that people care most about, is the change to price.  The iPhone 5 can be purchased at $199 for 16 GB storage, $299 for 32 GB, and $399 for 64 GB.



All the Above Clothing Visits Colorado State University

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Sep 262012

Author: jorrison


On March 31, 2012, All the Above Clothing came to Colorado State University and gave out free t-shirts, coupons, and energy drinks! All the Above Clothing makes t-shirts with inspirational designs that help promote the causes of non-profit organizations.

They donate 10% of all proceeds to non-profit organizations. They also have a 100% program that gives the non-profit organization free advertising as well as 100% of the proceeds. All the Above Clothing created green and white t-shirts for the special occasion of coming to CSU and letting people know about their company.

Watch as CTV interviews Joey Sudmeier about the company that his brother started, and Amber Enright who gives her opinion about the company. If you know of a non-profit that would benefit from this program, or if you want to check out their product, visit them at

Politics heating up in Colorado, Romney and Ryan come to try to win swing state

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Sep 262012

Author: Sophie Vukovich

Colorado is a swing state in this year’s election attracting attention from both presidential candidates. After President Obama’s visit a few weeks ago, it’s now the Republican Party’s turn to try and sway.

Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan is in Colorado today to campaign in hopes of winning over some voters. His first stop is in Fort Collins at Walker Manufacturing where a rally is being held. Later this evening he will be speaking in America the Beautiful Park in Colorado Springs.

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has already made stops in Colorado but will be here again soon on his swing state run. According to he will be here Sunday at a rally in a high school in Denver in hopes of gaining support from Colorado. Recent polls show that Obama is leading 48.5 percent to Romeney’s 44.8 percent. 

After negative responses to Romney’s comment on the “47 percent, his visits are under even more pressure now. After Colorado he will stop in Ohio and Virginia where he is expected to speak  more on his economic plans. This swing state run will be hugely influential with the first presidential debate on Wednesday, October 3rd.

Keep an eye on the Colorado-Ins blog for updates.


Photo cred: Dillon Thomas, CTV11

RAW VIDEO: Scene of train fatality

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Sep 262012

Author: Lena Howland


A homeless man was hit by a train early Wednesday morning near the intersection of Linden and Jefferson Streets in Old Town, Fort Collins.

Police say they believe the accident occurred between 2 and 5 a.m.

No witnesses to the accident were located at the scene when police arrived around 6 a.m.

When they arrived, they found a deceased person who has not been identified yet.

Authorities say this investigation is ongoing and anyone with more information can contact Fort Collins Police Services Officer Jeff Laguna at 970-221-6555 or Crime Stoppers of Larimer County at 970-221-6868.

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First lady sports Artistic Colour Gloss gel nail polish

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Sep 262012

Author: Brittany Hartman

Colour Gloss gel nail polish, color "Vogue", that Michelle Obama wore at the DNC.  Courtesy of Artistic Nail Design.

Colour Gloss gel nail polish, color “Vogue”, that Michelle Obama wore at the DNC. Courtesy of Artistic Nail Design.

At the recent Democratic National Convention, First Lady Michelle Obama received much attention, and not just because of her speech. IThe focus was also on her fingernails, which were manicured using Artistic Colour Gloss gel nail polish in a color named “Vogue.” The Artistic Colour Gloss gel nail polish is a product that does not damage the natural nail, goes on like a regular nail polish and is said to last up to three times longer than a regular polish, according to the company’s website. The owner of the company, Tom Bachik, has been popular in the past with many Hollywood celebrities, and because of the Democratic National Convention, it is now demanded among the public.

For more information on the gel polish, go to



TriMedia Film Festival interview with musicians and more

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Sep 252012

Author: Sophie Vukovich


Entertainment reporter Melanie Rose interviews some TriMedia Film Festival participants on CTV’s Colorado-Ins. This was a two part interview. The first interview was with two of Stella Luce’s band members Alana Rolfe and Brett Schreiber. Stella Luce is a local band that performed at the festival this year. Interviewed with these two was Tomas Herrera, director of music videos for Stella Luce.

The second interview was with SpokesBUZZ Fort Collins board president Dani Grant and Julie Sutter who is also working with SpokesBUZZ and the festival.

Watch the interviews to find out details about the festival and how it’s expanding this year!