Sep 282012

Author: Allison LeCain

to sleep is to dream

Photo credit: Janesdead

It’s getting to be that time of year when the weather is a little bit unpredictable. Some nights it’s really cold, allowing you to cuddle up next to your lover. Other nights you find yourself stripping off blankets and scooting away from your partner because they feel like a furnace.

Until the freezing nights of winter are upon us, couples all over the Northern Hemisphere will be struggling to stay close to their loved one throughout the night. Never fear though, because there is a mattress that solves this problem while inspiring alternative ideas to change cuddling from being a hassle to a pleasure.

The Modular ‘Love Mattress’ (see link below) is made from unique strips of foam that are designed to bend sideways to allow users’ limbs to easily slide under their partner when cuddling without cutting off circulation or feeling squished.

While not everyone can afford a fancy snuggling mattress, this design offers inspiration for other cuddling solutions.

Similar to the mattress design, you can use pillows to elevate parts of the body so that arms can slide under your partner more easily.  No one likes waking up with a dead arm, so be sure to use supportive pillows.

Another solution to this dilemma that I’ve found helpful over the years is this advice: cuddling doesn’t have to be full embrace. Cuddling can be simply holding hands while each partner lies completely separate from one another on their backs. Don’t make it complicated. The point of cuddling is to feel like you’re close to someone, not to suffocate them.

Now there’s still the problem of the erratic weather of this season. Generally, the nights are cool, but not cold, so you begin your sleep holding on tight to your lover only to wake up an hour later feeling feverish and sweating like a pig.

To this I say, fewer blankets are better. If you rely on your partner to give you warmth throughout the night while only using a thin comforter, you will be less likely to overheat. This will avoid that uncomfortable situation of waking up in the morning wondering ‘Oh dear, how did I sweat that much and what does he think of me now?’ (Less clothing is also an option.)

It is truly amazing how much warmer a bed can be when there are two people in it instead of one, so keep that in mind when preparing for sleep.

Another option is to keep a fan close-by. Sometimes one person may overheat quicker than the other.  With a fan next to the bed, the hot partner can angle it so it is blowing directly on them, not affecting their cozy, snoozing partner.

The most important thing to remember is that cuddling is about sharing an intimate moment with your loved one. It’s a special time for just the two of you to feel each other, so it’s important for both parties to feel comfortable. Enjoy this time, as it’ll make you feel closer to one another.

Disclaimer: cuddling is not for everyone. Ladies, do not get offended if your man cannot fall asleep while cuddling. It is nothing against you and there is not a whole lot you can do about it. If you’re reliant on cuddling, simply suggest that he cuddles you until you fall asleep, then he can gently roll away and sleep on the other side of the bed without disturbing your slumber. In general, spooning is the most comfortable position for men. It is also the easiest position for him to roll away from, so give that a try first.

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