Sep 262012

Author: Victoria Hawn

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Image via CrunchBase


The iPhone, as many are already aware, undergoes changes on an annual basis to release the “next big thing”.  The iPhone 5 follows through on this expectation, literally.


With a four inch screen, the iPhone 5 really is bigger, but without adding to weight or thickness.  In fact, it is 18 percent thinner, 20 percent lighter, and with 12 percent less total volume.


Another update to the iPhone 5 is the new 4G LTE network, which would allow download speeds to approach 100 megabits per second in optimal conditions – more than twice as fast as the iPhone 4S would allow.


However, LTE is often criticized for sucking up battery power, but Apple claims that they’ve done LTE “the right way.”  By “the right way”, they mean that, combined with the new LTE network, they have also added an A6 chip.  The A6 chip is essentially designed to allow for these increased speeds, without compromising battery life.  On the contrary, battery life is supposedly even better.


Other more minor changes include improvements to video.  One can now take still shots while recording video and there is also face recognition.  Additionally, the iPhone has undergone some accessory changes to the headphones and connector.  Headphones are now pod-shaped to better fit the ear and the connector is significantly smaller.


The final change, and perhaps the one that people care most about, is the change to price.  The iPhone 5 can be purchased at $199 for 16 GB storage, $299 for 32 GB, and $399 for 64 GB.



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