Sep 262012

Author: Kenneth Myers

The combination of social media, word of mouth and immediate availability has made it possible for musicians to very suddenly come into common

Circumaural headphones have large pads that su...

Circumaural headphones have large pads that surround the outer ear. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

knowledge. Such is the case with Imagine Dragons. The four-man-group out of Las Vegas has very suddenly found itself being widely listened to.

At time of writing the group’s song, “It’s Time” stand at #25 on iTunes Top Songs, a list dominated near constantly by only the most popular pop of the moment. Dragons’ alt-rock tune stands alone in a sea of well known acts.

In terms of style, the group does nothing you haven’t heard before. They combine elements of groups like Modest Mouse and The Killers and act as some kind of an amalgamation of the last 15 years of alternative rock groups. They put an emphasis on their almost frantic vocals to create an inconsistent, but solid pace to the album. The inconsistency in the album is rooted in abrupt emotional shifts within the songs themselves that makes songs seem unfocused verse-to-verse. This issue in the songs themselves is only exacerbated on the level of the album with songs that are sorrowful and angry directly followed by optimism. It’s best described as a loud and insistent kind of alt-rock that hasn’t been anywhere near the top of any charts in recent years.

As the next year comes and Imagine Dragons publishes a second studio album, they will have no choice but to either differentiate themselves from other similar acts or fade into obscurity. Dragons will inevitably face a common issue for a group with a popular first album: avoiding the dreaded status of flash in the pan or one-hit wonder.

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