Sep 222012

Author: Jack Krause

The University Center for the Arts

The University Center for the Arts

Communication is key within “The Bald Soprano”, and this key doesn’t work, but that’s the point. The play was originally written in Romanian, and then was translated into French. The inspiration behind the play was due to the complexities the playwright found in the English language while he was trying to learn to speak it. The first play written by the Romanian Eugene Lonesco, and also one of the most performed plays in France, has been the target of much scholarly criticism for its absurd nature.

This absurdity is found within the banter between the production’s two couples and their guests. What is up to one person is left to the others, and what seems to make sense suddenly has its logic challenged. The production leaves the audience confused, but as previously mentioned, that’s its job.

The play is directed by Tony Vessels and features Jacquelyn Wood and Daniel Skeen as Mrs. and Mr. Martin, Tori Green and Karl Perry as Mrs. and Mr Smith, Jack Krause as the Fire Chief, and Abbey Featherston as Mary the Maid.

The UCA is putting on a student-directed production of the play and it premieres October 25 at the UCA large acting lab and seats are free.



Jack Krause, the writer of this article, will be performing in “The Bald Soprano”.

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