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Author: Chelsea Dunfee


Black Bottle Brewery

Sean Nook is the owner and head brewer at Black Bottle Brewery. Black Bottle Brewery, a new and edgy brewery located south of CSU will be opening in October. For more information on the brewery visit

Black Bottle Brewery is not your typical brewery. The new, edgy and radical brewery, owned and managed by  Sean Nook, is making some pretty bold moves.

After 12 years as an auto technician, Nook took a risk in today’s shaky economic climate by quitting his job to follow his passion of brewing beer. He is in the final stages of completing the full service beer pub, opening in October.  Black Bottle will be located south of campus on the corner of College Avenue and Prospect Road.

Nook’s dream began eight years ago when he started home brewing.

“All great breweries started as home brewing, all the ones you could think of and I was obsessed with it and never stopped,” Nook said.

Nook’s determination helped him to learn everythinghe could about brewing and starting his own business.

“I have a high school education, so I guess passion speaks louder than vocabulary. I read – no one showed me how to brew. I just read books and online– and a lot of trial and error. A lot of terrible trial and error,” Nook laughed.

Nook always had a taste for craft beer and at a young age was impressed with places such as New Belgium and Odell.

“These guys are especially unique and I was influenced by them at a very young age – not legal age – I was drinking that stuff and being like, ‘This is not like my dad’s MGD’,” Nook said. “This actually has flavor and taste and a good after taste.”

Nook is also taking a risk by opening a brewery in a town that is already home to nine other microbreweries. He believes his location is in the perfect spot as he describes how new student apartments will be built within short walking distance to the brewery. The new Mason Street corridor will also stop right behind his building.

Though there may be several microbreweries in town, Black Bottle is unique. Be ready to expect the unexpected.

“The idea is to not be normal in any aspect on anything. Design, attitude, video, beer, anything,” Nook said.

Nook is also thinking outside the box when it comes to marketing the brewery. His products include shirts for cats and even a fashion line of men’s underwear.

“The men’s underwear is a joke but it’s selling,” Nook said. “I’ve seen [breweries] sell women’s thongs. That’s so predictable, so I found black tighty whities.”

While his eye-catching marketing products cater to college town young adults, Nook welcomes all legal drinking age ranges.

“We love every age, legal of course,” Nook said.

Not only is Black Bottle’s radical techniques capturing local attention, but the brewery also won second place at Granly Brew Fest this past summer. He describes his Brewery as nontraditional, risky and creative.

“It’s fun. We want to offend you but we don’t want to make you cry. We color outside the lines and our beer has ADD,” Nook laughs.

Photo courtesy of David David Higgins

Photo courtesy of David David Higgins

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