Sep 032012

Author: Allison LeCain

A drink called "Sex on the Beach", v...

A drink called “Sex on the Beach”, is a very popular in peruvian bars. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bars are loud, hustling and bustling places. There’s loud music playing, it’s crowded and most people have had a little too much to drink.

Still, going out is a great way to spend the evening, whether you’re with your friends or stalking the opposite sex like a lion. But sometimes it can be so loud that it gets hard to hold a conversation with someone. When it comes down to it, it’s all about body language.

Reading someone’s body language can be difficult, especially if they’re of the opposite sex. If you can read the message a person is trying to display prior to striking up a conversation with them, you are more likely to get lucky, in whatever way you interpret that.

It all starts when a guy sees a girl from across the room. She’s so cute, laughing and dancing with her friends. Seems like she could be looking for a nice guy, right? Think again.

What’s she wearing? A girl’s bar outfit says a lot about what she is expecting to get out the night, especially her shoes.

Say she’s wearing heels; this probably means she is a single, available woman who would be thrilled to dance with you and maybe more. She’s wearing a short skirt and makeup too? Even better.

On the other hand, say she’s like me and she’s in a relationship. I have what I thought was a fool-proof outfit for bars that would guarantee that I would look cute, but avoid getting hit on.

I’m a girl, so I’m going to wear a cute skirt and top just like everybody else because that is what society expects of me. But look at my shoes. I know it’s dark in here, but look really hard. Notice they are moccasins. Do you really think I would be wearing moccasins to a bar if I was trying to meet a guy? No! My man’s coming to pick me up at the end of the night, so don’t bother.

You see, girls chose a specific outfit each night to display a message to guys.  If guys can read this body language, they will have more success.

On the other hand, I’m just going to come out and say it: men are easier to read than women. It happens. For example, if a guy is trying to look nice for the ladies, he wears what is notoriously known as the ‘sexy shirt’. This is basically anything in the ball park of a button up shirt with stripes or whatnot. That’s it. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

So say you have picked a girl; she’s wearing the traditional ‘I’m looking for a man’ outfit, so you decide you want to dance with her. Do not just walk up to her and start dancing without asking. Being forward can be good, but don’t be so forward that she’s thinking “Excuse me, did I give you permission to rub that on my backside?”

After asking to dance, take her over to the bar to talk and buy her a drink. WARNING: just because a girl lets you buy her a drink does not mean she is single. I get free stuff all the time. It’s just a perk of being a lady. It doesn’t mean I like you or owe you anything in return.

If she is in to you, she will find random reasons to touch you, even if it’s just your arm. Also, her eyes will be hooked on yours. You can tell a lot by eye contact. If she is looking back at the table where her friends are sitting or looking at her drink, she’s not enjoying the conversation.

Similarly, if a man is attracted to a woman, his lips will be slightly parted as he listens to her. He also might sit with his legs spread open and touch his face a lot. It’s a women’s job to make males feel nervous, and the reaction can be adorable.

So by now you’ve been talking to this girl for a while. She’s twirling her hair and you’re making her laugh. Maybe it’s time to give her your number?

Girls love a guy that can make them laugh, and a little bit of cheesiness never killed anyone. At this point if you write your number on a napkin with a little note that says “Call me, maybe”, you’ve sealed the deal.



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