GG Boutique Slideshow

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Sep 302012

Author: Logan Martinez

Shopping therapy can do so much. Especially in a sweet little boutique. GG Boutique opened four short weeks ago and is just across the street on Laurel from CSU campus. With gorgeous dresses, sweaters, jewelry and more, it might be just the thing you need to relieve some of that in-between class stress.

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Tragedy in Colorado Springs; woman kidnapped and man dies

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Sep 302012

Author: Sophie Vukovich

Tragedy in Colorado Springs rises. According to Fox, a man has died after accidentally shooting himself. His fiance was woken in another room by the sound of the gunshot and called the paramedics to tend to the 38-year-old man at 3 a.m.

Also in the Springs, a woman was reportedly kidnapped. The Denver Post reports that a witnesses saw a woman beaten and thrown into the back of a pickup in the 1100 Block of West Colorado Avenue. Police are still searching for the woman and the two men that were reported to have taken her. Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call the substation at 444-7000.

History and Hollywood brought to life at the Stanley Hotel

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Sep 302012

Author: Brittany Hartman

The Hotel celebrates its birthday on July 4th, representative of its summer opening in 1909. Photo by Brittany Hartman

The Hotel celebrates its birthday on July 4th, representative of its summer opening in 1909. Photo by Brittany Hartman.

The Stanley Hotel, a tourist hotspot for its beauty and paranormal activity — also the hotel from Stephen King’s “The Shining” — was built in Estes Park, Colo., for Freelan Oscar Stanley and his wife Flora in 1907. When it was opened two years later, however, it was not intended to be a hotel for the general public.

Freelan Oscar Stanley, more commonly known as FO, was diagnosed with tuberculosis at the age of 53, and consequently, he and his wife moved from Kingsfield, Maine, to Denver because the high altitude was supposed to be helpful. Seeing as Denver was a highly industrial town in the early 1900’s, the couple decided to spend their summers in Estes Park, where they had a spacious house that still exists half a mile up the road from the hotel grounds.

In Maine, the Stanley family was host to many members of high society. Wanting to continue to share their company, they built what is now the Stanley Hotel to house all of their guests. The hotel was top-of-the-line when it was built and was the first hotel west of the Mississippi to be fully powered by electricity.

Jesse Freitas, the Guest Services Manager at the hotel, and a tour guide known as “Scary Mary,” along with the whole hotel staff are extremely knowledgeable about the history of the hotel and its haunts.

Reports of paranormal activity within the hotel have been around since the 1940s. The hauntings are referred to as residual and intelligent, as detailed in sounds of children laughing, the sounds of furniture moving on hardwood floor on the fourth floor, which is really fully carpeted, the sounds of balls rolling and objects being moved and images of people who are not actually there.

According to Scary Mary, “the most difficult question is ‘How many ghosts are there?’ Really, how many stars are in the sky?” To her, “energy is energy,” there will always be abnormal occurrences, and new abnormalities will continue to pop up.

Also according to the staff, in September of 1974 during his stay at the hotel, Stephen King got the inspiration for his book “The Shining.” In 1997, the ballroom and the lobby on the main floor were renovated for his movie rendition, and the rooms have remained darker in tone to go with the theme of the novel and movie.

The Saturday before Halloween, the hotel puts on their famous Shining Ball, a costume party themed around the movie, although guests may dress up however they wish. This year, the ball will be held on on Saturday, Oct. 27 at 8:00 p.m. Guests must be 21 years of age or older.

The Stanley Hotel hosts a wide variety of tours, ranging from simple historical tours, to their late-night Ghost Hunts — all are sure to be a thrill.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill launch new Soul2Soul Tour

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Sep 302012

Author: Victoria Hawn


upright (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The last time Tim McGraw and Faith Hill performed together in the United States, Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the House, the devastating shooting at Virginia Tech was very fresh, and the economy had not yet collapsed.  After their five-year hiatus, country’s power couple has returned to the stage.

McGraw and Hill have launched their third Soul2Soul Tour, this time in Las Vegas at the Venetian Casino, Hotel and Resort.

With 16 years of marriage under their belt and a combined 40 years under a record label, it’s no wonder this dynamic duo has been the attention of country music’s spotlight for the past couple decades.

Their first tour was a huge success, grossing $141 million, making it the highest grossing country music tour of all time.  Their new tour, while only in one location – and a small, 1,800-seat venue at that – could likely rack up some large profits as well.  Tickets range from around $100 to $300 per person.

On this tour, the husband-and-wife duo plan to go beyond the ballad and delve into some classical duets, including some by George Jones and Tammy Wynette, Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, and even some Bruce and Patti Springsteen.

McGraw and Hill’s new Soul2Soul Tour will be running from Dec. 7, 2012 to April 2013 and tickets are currently for sale on the Venetian’s website as well as the common ticket vendors.


Build your own super speedy sled on the cheap

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Sep 282012

Author: John Sheesley

It’s that time of year again; the falling leaves will soon give way to falling snow and frigid weather. With bike trails covered in snow and the nearest ski area hours away, those with a lust for speed will have to turn to the old sledding hill. Cheap, plastic sleds are slow and boring, and the speedy runner sleds can cost more than a college student can spare. It’s time to get out that screwdriver and head to the thrift shop to get supplies for your very own do-it-yourself sled.

English: Boy on snow sled

A boy on a runner-style snow sled. These are fast! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Keep in mind the fact that snow is slippery. A sled that is equally slippery is going to go fast. The sled design outlined below will go very fast on a mildly steep hill. So wear a helmet, and maybe some old football pads or other protective padding. Be careful; with great speed comes a great risk, and sleds don’t have brakes. These instructions will require some knowledge of power tools, but nothing too difficult. If you haven’t got any tools head to the Hammer Time! shop on east Laurel and check out their tool co-op. They have lots of tools that can be used for a suggested donation, and they’re happy to help you use them.

All of the needed materials to build the sled

All of the needed materials to build the sled

Mostly anything will work as a sled. An old mattress can hold a few people and slides pretty well. Trash can lids, cookie sheets, car hoods; anything hard and slick can work. Here, we go big or go home, so at the thrift shop take a look around for a pair of old skis. They can be beat up, ugly relics from the ’80s as long as they’ve still got some wax on the bottoms. Try to find a cheap, plastic sled as well, or something similarly shaped, and an old pillow. Stop by the hardware store on the way home and get some scrap wood and four nuts, four washers and four bolts. Be sure to get the nuts with the smooth round heads, as they will slide easier.

Now to put everything together:

  1. Place the sled between the skis and the wood as shown below.
  2. Drill two holes the same size as your bolts through each ski and up through the sled and wood.
  3. Bolt it all together as shown, making sure the nuts are nice and tight.
  4. Put the pillow on top of the sled, covering the bolts.
  5. You may want to affix a rope to the sled so you have something to hang on too. Just drill a couple of holes in the front of the sled and tie the rope to them.
Assembling the sled

Assembling the sled

The finished product, the pillow is left off so you can see where the bolts go

The finished product, the pillow is left off so you can see where the bolts go








Now it’s time to try out the new sled! Sit on the pillow and go for a speedy ride down a nice snowy hill.

Rihanna and Ke$ha’s new hit singles

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Sep 282012

Author: Melanie Rose


Melanie Rose and Christian Zamora take on a condensed version of Celebrity Countdown to discuss some new hit music. Melanie thinks that Rihanna’s new single, “Diamonds” will be a hit; however, Christian is sure that Ke$ha’s new song, “Die Young” will top Rihanna’s. Who do you think will have the bigger hit? Give your opinion by commenting on this video below.

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You know you’ve had a rough day…

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Sep 282012

Author: Kaitie Huss

[youtube] [/youtube]

You know you’ve had a rough day when you get in line behind one of the mannequins in the bookstore.

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Too School for Cool: Cuddling made easy

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Sep 282012

Author: Allison LeCain

to sleep is to dream

Photo credit: Janesdead

It’s getting to be that time of year when the weather is a little bit unpredictable. Some nights it’s really cold, allowing you to cuddle up next to your lover. Other nights you find yourself stripping off blankets and scooting away from your partner because they feel like a furnace.

Until the freezing nights of winter are upon us, couples all over the Northern Hemisphere will be struggling to stay close to their loved one throughout the night. Never fear though, because there is a mattress that solves this problem while inspiring alternative ideas to change cuddling from being a hassle to a pleasure.

The Modular ‘Love Mattress’ (see link below) is made from unique strips of foam that are designed to bend sideways to allow users’ limbs to easily slide under their partner when cuddling without cutting off circulation or feeling squished.

While not everyone can afford a fancy snuggling mattress, this design offers inspiration for other cuddling solutions.

Similar to the mattress design, you can use pillows to elevate parts of the body so that arms can slide under your partner more easily.  No one likes waking up with a dead arm, so be sure to use supportive pillows.

Another solution to this dilemma that I’ve found helpful over the years is this advice: cuddling doesn’t have to be full embrace. Cuddling can be simply holding hands while each partner lies completely separate from one another on their backs. Don’t make it complicated. The point of cuddling is to feel like you’re close to someone, not to suffocate them.

Now there’s still the problem of the erratic weather of this season. Generally, the nights are cool, but not cold, so you begin your sleep holding on tight to your lover only to wake up an hour later feeling feverish and sweating like a pig.

To this I say, fewer blankets are better. If you rely on your partner to give you warmth throughout the night while only using a thin comforter, you will be less likely to overheat. This will avoid that uncomfortable situation of waking up in the morning wondering ‘Oh dear, how did I sweat that much and what does he think of me now?’ (Less clothing is also an option.)

It is truly amazing how much warmer a bed can be when there are two people in it instead of one, so keep that in mind when preparing for sleep.

Another option is to keep a fan close-by. Sometimes one person may overheat quicker than the other.  With a fan next to the bed, the hot partner can angle it so it is blowing directly on them, not affecting their cozy, snoozing partner.

The most important thing to remember is that cuddling is about sharing an intimate moment with your loved one. It’s a special time for just the two of you to feel each other, so it’s important for both parties to feel comfortable. Enjoy this time, as it’ll make you feel closer to one another.

Disclaimer: cuddling is not for everyone. Ladies, do not get offended if your man cannot fall asleep while cuddling. It is nothing against you and there is not a whole lot you can do about it. If you’re reliant on cuddling, simply suggest that he cuddles you until you fall asleep, then he can gently roll away and sleep on the other side of the bed without disturbing your slumber. In general, spooning is the most comfortable position for men. It is also the easiest position for him to roll away from, so give that a try first.

No one in the chair next to me in Clark…

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Sep 272012

Author: Kaitie Huss


No one in the chair next to me in Clark. Elbow room at last.

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Most Ridiculous shows on television

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Sep 272012

Author: Melanie Rose


This week on Celebrity Countdown, Melanie Rose and her new guest, Christian Zamora, discuss the most ridiculous shows on television. Tune in to hear about everything from undercover princes, the Amish breaking into New York City and the most famous six year old on reality TV, also known as Honey Boo Boo.