CTV News: Thursday August 30, 2012

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Aug 312012

Author: Kirsten Swanson


CTV News Channel 11’s first Thursday show of the Fall semester.

Tech Talk: Google Fiber

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Aug 302012

Author: Chase Baker

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

I used to imagine a time when super fast Internet existed anywhere–anytime. I pictured a time when powerful satellites connected people from all over the world in milliseconds. Thanks to technology powerhouse Google, apparently that time is now–just not quite like I imagined.

According to the Google website, they are introducing “a different kind of Internet”. It’s known as Google Fiber. The starting connection has speeds 100 times faster than today’s average broadband coming in at 1,000 Mb per second.

With speed this fast, you should never again have to wait for a YouTube video to buffer. This means movies and video games in higher definition than we’ve ever seen before. For web designers, this means high resolution images on websites without being concerned about the time it will take for a page to load.

And if the speed alone wasn’t enough to sell you on the idea, let’s get to the good stuff. Google’s website states that, if a user chooses to forego the lightning-fast speed, Internet will be available at today’s average speeds for free. Yes, free. The only charge will be a one-time construction fee of $300. The Gigabit Internet (100 times faster) will be $70 each month, which reasonably measures up with today’s current prices.

Don’t get too excited just yet. Google has only released Fiber in Kansas City after choosing that location from many applicants to be the initial hub. However, Google is allowing users to pre-register their “fiberhood” in hopes of obtaining fast Internet speeds for their city. On September 9, Google will determine the order of construction for new cities to receive Fiber, so I encourage each of you to pre-register online so that Fort Collins can be among the intial cities to experience the future of the Internet.

The Continuum Book Review: A Song of Ice and Fire (Books 1-3)

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Aug 302012

Author: Kenneth Myers

Game of Thrones (soundtrack)

This might seem an odd place to review a series, three books in with five published and the sixth on the way, but I raced through 2400 pages in three and a half weeks and now I’m hesitant to pick up the fourth book. The aforementioned 2400 pages are some of the most engaging and wholly excellent I’ve ever read. But Martin, the author, has a serious problem, he loves telling this story too much to want it to end.

It couldn’t have been more than a hundred pages into Game of Thrones, the first book in the series, before I knew I would be eager for every word. Martin’s greatest strength lies in the way he tells the story, each chapter from a different character’s point of view. What this does is create multiple protagonists, each of them we know and find ourselves supporting, even when their goals conflict.

The conflict of the story encompasses the entire world and more often than not the in the end of each book the world is pretty consistently screwed, even more-so at the end of A Storm of Swords. With the death of a what few leaders there are, the conflict steps back a few thousand pages to the same point it is at the end of the first book, minus any coherent solution for at least a few books.

I say for a few books because as it stands the characters that the end of the story surely rests on aren’t ready to play their part in the grand scheme of things. They’re by and large children who are excellently developed as characters. But their presence being so central to the telling of the story makes the larger plot seem like we’re just killing time until they’re ready to concern themselves with the welfare of the world at large.

There’s a problem that stems from telling a story about a whole world: something has to get resolved. In a story such as this, where the conflict can go on for tens of thousands of pages characters have to grow and change, which few have done. There’s nothing more exhausting than a story with lovable and relatable characters that after 2400 pages hasn’t evolved.

In the end there’s nothing about the way the books are written or the characters constructed I don’t love. I could not get enough while reading these books and in the end will almost certainly finish the series, but it begs for some heavy revision.

Lindsay Lohan’s in trouble yet again

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Aug 292012

Author: Melanie Rose


According to TMZ, Lindsay Lohan owes the famous Chateau Marmont hotel in Hollywood over $46,000 after staying at the residence for 47 days. Over $3,000 of the bill was spent on the minibar alone. She reportedly has yet to pay her bill so the hotel was forced to remove her from the premises.

Lindsay Lohan at Calvin Klein Spring 2007 Fash...

Lindsay Lohan at Calvin Klein Spring 2007 Fashion Show Afterparty. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Student Abroad: Leap of Faith

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Aug 292012

Author: Anna Palmer


Bungee Jumping Appareil
Bungee Jumping Appareil (Photo credit: mtsofan)

As my feet edged closer to the ledge, I took one deep breath, threw my arms over my
head, and hurled myself 43 meters off of the bridge. What exactly was I thinking at that
very moment? I cannot tell you. All I knew was that there was no turning back. And the
funny thing was, I had no desire to. I had come this far, worked up the courage to take
this plunge, and for the amount of fear I had anticipated, I felt surprisingly calm. The
excitement coursing through my veins was enough to get me over that ledge, and as I
dove toward the brilliantly blue water of the river coursing beneath me, I realized that I
had done it. I had overcome my fear.

Never in all my life had I imagined myself willingly taking such a huge leap of faith. It
was as if I was a bystander, an observer of the whole scenario, simply watching this
assured girl hurl herself off of the bridge. It was as if I had floated out of my body,
momentarily, gaping at the spectacle before me. The best way to describe this experience
is to compare it to that of a dream, a far off reality, but a dream so tangible and reachable
all at the same time.

Since coming to New Zealand, this dreamlike feeling has enveloped me, leaving me
with a sense of wonder and disbelief at where this dream has taken me thus far. Before
coming here and as much as I hate to admit, I did not view myself as the adventurous, go
get em’, live in the moment type. Sure, I have imprinted myself with a tattoo as a subtle

reminder of this motto I am ever-striving to live my life by, but this simple inscription
on my shoulder has never felt real until now. Living for today, in all its simplicity,
has come to take on a whole new meaning for me. I have already begun to notice a
change in myself, a change I can say I have welcomed with open and excited arms. I’ve
noticed myself taking more chances, being more adventurous, and really living out this
life mantra. A simple mantra…yet one that takes conscience choosing and constant
reminder. To live in the moment means to trust yourself fully and completely. It means
to trust the choices and chances you take each and every moment. This trust extends into
all aspects of life: trusting others, trusting God, trusting the universe, trusting the unseen,
and finally and often times most difficult, trusting when the outcome, the result is not yet

Yet, this ever-pervasive fear in our society and within ourselves has prevented us from
fully embracing all that life has to offer. We hold so tightly to this fear, whatever that
fear may be, and we try to control each and every aspect of our lives. This control gives
us a sense of security but what is lost in the process is the natural flow of life. We are
meant to flow with life, trusting in every which way it sends us, but more often than not
we are unable to loosen the tight grip. We hold tightly to every routine, to everything
that makes us feel safe, secure, stable. But each day this stability is compromised even
by the slightest hiccup in our path. So what do we do? We hold on even tighter. But
what would happen if we were to just let go? To let go of this apprehension, this fear of
not being in control? I can say from experience that the feeling of not being in control
is a scary feeling, so scary that I find myself fighting to regain my grip on anything I can
get ahold of.

But what if I was to push through this initial fear? Would I find myself trusting in the
process as time went on? In all honesty, I do not have the answers to most of these
questions. I think all that I can do is continue to acknowledge the moments when this
fear arises and consciously choose to sit with that fear. Then, in doing so, I can either
choose to turn back or keep on going. As past experience has shown me, to keep on
going, heading into the unknown, taking that leap of faith, has led to experiences far
beyond my imagination. Coming to New Zealand was a huge leap of faith in and of
itself. Not only that, but the experiences thus far have been far beyond the bubble of
my comfort zone. Each leap of faith I’ve taken has led to such a feeling of euphoria,
accomplishment, and confidence that I can only trust that those to come will do that and
more. So in this moment, I choose to trust the path I have taken, to loosen the grip of
control, and to keep moving, plunging ahead into the thralls of this spectacular adventure.

[SLIDESHOW] President Obama speaks on the CSU Monfort Quad

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Aug 292012

Author: Keith Albertson

[imagebrowser id=2]

Barack Obama visited the campus of CSU in the afternoon of August 28th 2012. He spoke about getting out the vote as part of his campaign to target the youth voters that helped him win Colorado and the nation in 2008.  

CSU students anticipate President Obama’s speech

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Aug 292012

Author: Lena Howland


President Obama visited CSU Fort Collins on August 28 for a campaign rally. More than 13,000 people attended the event. CTV Reporter Lena Howland spoke to CSU students anxiously waiting in line for the rally.

Line at CSU to see President Obama starts early

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Aug 292012

Author: Kelsey Peterson



Waiting at Colorado State University under Clark by 8 a.m. is an already formed line of eager people awaiting the arrival of President Obama. Nine hours prior to his expected arrival, both students and non-students alike prepare themselves for a long, motionless day under the sun. Unable to bring bags into the venue, various items were brought to the line in an effort to pass the hours. Excitement is building up and these people say it’s well worth the wait.

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From peddling to downward-dog

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Aug 282012

Author: Kendall Greenwood

English: downward dog posture I took this pict...

English: downward dog posture I took this picture for use in the Anahata Yoga instruction manual. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You have been going for 30 minutes now. Your legs burn, there is sweat dripping down your back and your heart is racing. You aren’t sure if you can take anymore but there is an instructor at the front telling you if you don’t go faster you will have to ride for another song. Then, five minutes later, you are in the downward-dog position listening to tranquil music while the same instructor’s soothing voice lulls your heart to a steady beat.

ZenRide, offered at the CSU Recreation Center, is a class that combines cycling and yoga. The beginning half of the class focuses on the cardio of cycling while the last half consists of a calming yoga routine. Mixing these two gives the feeling of rigorous exercise and a sufficient cool down, according to yoga and cycling instructor Samantha Lieurance, 32.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever done long distance runs in the morning, but you get that really happy endorphin kick,” Lieurance said. “Well, with the cycling and yoga class you get the cycling endorphin kick, but then you get to bring everything back down and get really centered in the body.”

Lieurance created the class three years ago with group fitness directors Tamara Stroh and Nicole Larocque so students could have a safer workout.

“Every time that I do the cycling classes I would feel really bad because there are so many technical things I was seeing students do [that cause] injury,” Lieurance said.

According to Lieurance, cycling classes spend about ten minutes stretching. The body may need more than that, especially if an improper technique was used. The yoga thoroughly stretches the body and protects against possibly injury.

“I get to get psyched, show my personality and be like ‘yeah, let’s ride and push really hard’,” Lieurance said. “Then I get to show people how to be safe.”

ZenRide pushes CSU senior Abby Harder, 22, to do better.

“I’m really bad at working out by myself,” Harder said. “The class motivates me a little more.”

With a busy schedule, Harder can complete a tough workout in a short amount of time.

“My favorite part of the cycling in general is that you get a really good workout in 45 minutes to an hour,” Harder said. “I’m pretty busy, so it’s important for me to get here, workout and leave.”

ZenRide also gives Lieurance the opportunity to get to know attendees.

“Sometimes I’ll have a new student come in, and they’ll give me some of their goals,” Lieurance said. “I like it when (students) open up to me.”

In other cycle classes this is not always the case.

“Some cycling classes you go in and sprint (with) loud music (playing) the whole time (and) you don’t get a chance to talk to people as much as you would like,” Lieurance said.

Harder said she receives more from ZenRide than a good workout too.

“I like the yoga,” Harder said. “It’s nice to relax after you have been riding.”

ZenRide is held Monday mornings from 7 a.m. to 8:15 a.m. and Thursday from 8:15 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Students can buy a semester cycling pass for $35 or a joint cycling and mind and body pass for $89.

“(You) learn your limit, learn proper form,” Lieurance said, “but then (you) also learn how to push yourself. It’s fun.”