Jul 112012

Author: CollegeAveStaff

By Kate Wilson

There’s a disturbing fashion on the horizon sported by 20-something-year-old trendsters across campus and the nation. So-called adults are wearing animals on their heads, and not expensive furs. Ever see those cute, little baby bath towels with teddy-bear ears and a tail? Apparently that – or at least a hat that resembles that – is the fuss for wannabe quirky-type hipsters these days.

These “hats” look like parts of animal costumes. Common sightings include bears, pandas, tigers, monkeys and domestic cats. The hats frame the faces of those wearing them, and some have animal “legs,” basically hanging from the hat like makeshift scarves. Others hats dangle details such as poms hanging from the bottoms.

This particular style is quite appropriate and stylish among the preschool crowd. Even elementary and middle school students can pull it off. But on college students? Come on, you must know you look ridiculous.

Here are just a few things for you to consider before plopping a pile of animal-inspired fabric on your head:

  • You can’t always pass it off as a Halloween costume.
  • You don’t know whom you’ll see in public. The employer you’re interviewing with for your dream job next week? Murphy’s Law says the image of you in your ears and paws will be burned into his or her memory.
  • You are not Charlie Sheen. You do not have tiger blood.
  • If a person says “I want a tiger in the bedroom,” it doesn’t mean you should actually wear ears.
  • If you go out in a group with others wearing these hats, your pack may be mistaken for a cult.

Dressing like a grown-up doesn’t mean you are taking yourself too seriously, but it does mean you aren’t making yourself a target for creepy old men. My advice isn’t just to ditch this childish trend, but to skip it all together. There are much better ways to be immature in college.

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